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Thread: Help, some dude stole my theme as is selling it on cydia, how do I block it?

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    Default Macciti won't remove ripped off design?
    Hi, I'm Andreas and I'm the creator of circul8. I guy has copied my entire theme and is selling it on cydia on macciti - EDIT: this has been fixed.

    New issue is this:

    This is also on macciti (an other places - also has a thread here but macciti won't do anything about it)...

    Macciti's reply was simply "There is enough difference to keep it live". I'm a amazed a repo with that attitude towards theft can have a default repo on cydia.
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    I believe this has already been addressed by MC you def need to pm him at his site. If you can. We were talking about this first thing this morning. Also noticed that you were taking donations for a charity. Can I get the charity name please? I will make sure it gets a proper donation

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    Hi, it should be down again.

    The parts he was selling were from the free part of the theme so I'd rather if people just got their money back and maybe a link to my site, where they can find it for free?

    Then if they like it, they can donate and get the full UI

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    First issue has been fixed. Stuck with macciti on the second one...
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    I've addressed this enough on MT and provided more than enough evidence to back my claims up.

    And it is starting to get quite irritating.

    If what you claim should be law no one is allowed to use a grey background with white numbers in a sans font?

    As that is all that has been used nothing special or nothing stolen.

    I haven't done anything against you or taken anything from you but on numerous sites now you are trying to drag my name through the mud.

    This is not on, and I would like you to give it a rest as I really can't be bothered with the hassle.

    And also regarding the "send" button situation is no one allowed to use a blue gradient to replace a blue gradient :lol:

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