TL;DR How can I distribute multiple winterboard themes in 1 cydia download package? Is this the best approach?

I am new to the theming scene with cydia. I recently made a "Fullscreen Lockscreen" theme for winterboard and have it released on modmyi repo. That part was simple enough as it was just properly structured folders containing the appropriate image files. I uploaded the folder itself and (I'm assuming) modmyi packaged it for release.

Now I have been receiving requests to add options such as letting the user choose whether, for example, the status bar is transparent or not. What is the best way to go about this? Should my theme have a settings panel somewhere?

I was thinking the easiest way might be to create 1 download package that adds multiple entries to winterboard. So a user would download the Fullscreen Lockscreen package from cydia and once installed winterboard would have multiple entries (ex: Clock background hide, Status bar background hide, Slider background hide) instead of how it is now (Fullscreen Lockscreen, which toggles all backgrounds on or off).

Suggestions/comments/feedback all welcome