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Thread: Gyro HD 3 Theme Editing and Discussion

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    Default Gyro HD 3 Theme Editing and Discussion
    This is a Tutorial on how to edit your Dreamboard theme Gyro HD 3

    You must know how to SSH. If not there are a lot of simple tutorials on youtube on how to do it.

    Step 1: Navigate to Root/Dreamboard/Gyro HD 3/Current.plist and Theme.plist and move to your desktop (When you change one plist, you must do the EXACT same thing to the other: Or you can re-save the edited plist as the other ones name to duplicate it)

    Step 2: Decide on what icon you would like to edit, Now find that icons launch code, as well as the app you would like to change it to.


    How to find applications launch code

    1. Go to the far left of the theme and press settings in the top bar, select edit mode and open up one of the favs or games folders.

    2. Next press on the app icon placement. This will bring up a list of apps. Every application on your phone will be in this list. Under the names of the Applications you will find the App Launch Code ( These launch codes are case sensitive!!!!

    3. Save both the applications launch codes "the application that you are changing, as well as your new icons you are changing it to"

    Creating new icons in PhotoShop

    1. In the theme you have downloaded you will find the PSD for the applications. Dreamboard/Gyro HD 3/PSD/*here* or the link below.


    2. Open up the PSD in photo shop.

    3. Save the icon image you wish to create to your desktop.

    In this image im going to create a twitter icon.

    4. On the far right of photoshop you will find your layers panel. Make sure you have the top layer selected before you drag and drop your image into photoshop.

    5. Drag and drop you image into the PSD.

    6. Next resize your image while holding shift to fit the whole image.

    7. Once you have your image sized, right click and click place.

    8. Now move the layer of the new image you have sized under the black layer.

    9. Now save your file to your desktop as a png "You can name it whatever you want as you will be entering the image name in the plist when you edit it"

    10. Move this new image to Dreamboard/Gyro HD 3/AppIcons/*here*

    Editing the plist

    1. Open up the Current.plist (I'm using text editor on mac)

    2. Search for the code of the application you are changing. For example if i want to change the Passbooks app. I will search for (here is were your app launch codes come into play)

    3. Replace the applications launch code with the applications launch code that you are changing.

    4. Now replace the name of the application with the applications name that you saved using photoshop.

    5. Do the exact same thing with the Theme.plist or duplicate the Current.plist and rename to "Theme.plist"

    6. Save the it and move the plist back into your theme at Dreamboard/Gyro HD 3/*here*, Its ok to overwrite the current ones.

    7. Respring your phone and enjoy your new Applications.


    1. Always make a backup of your plist before you start editing it.
    2. Everything is case sensitive
    3. Make sure you get the spelling correct
    4. Do not alter any other parts of the plist unless you know what you are doing
    5. Once you edit your plist, you will not be able to update to new versions in cydia (it will put your theme back to stock completely)
    6. If you application icon shows up, but doesn't open the app, then you have the launch code wrong.
    7. If your application doesn't show up, then you mistyped the name of your icon in the plist.

    If you have any questions please ask on the original forum page. This page doesn't send me notifications so i might not get back to your question soon enough. Or email me at [email protected]
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    Default Gyro 3 HD question about dock
    I am having trouble switching the ipod to clock i have all the other icons working except this one the icon is switched but it links to nothing I am sure i have the code right but could you help me with this like show me the way the code should look above the icon.png string?

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    Default Merge layers
    For some reason, you have to MERGE ALL LAYERS before saving the icon, otherwise Gyro HD 3 won't recognize them.

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    Can you make a quick tutorial on how to add other pages to the theme?


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    Sorry if this is a stupid question. But I have put Whatsapp in, but it isnt giving me any notification badges. How would I do this?

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