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Thread: Springboard customizations

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    Hey, not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I'm looking for apps to help customize my springboard. I was fine with it up until recently, it started going a little haywire and springtomize 2 and customgrid don't seem to be working well together. It seems custom grid either won't work at all or I set it to a certain amount of rows and it cuts off the apps (I have scrolling enabled in my folders). I have tried using iconoclasm but it doesn't work well for me either, half of the time I download a new layout the icons won't go where they are supposed to an overlap each other. I think I had 9 rows and six columns before my springboard messed up. I was changing some options in springtomize and resprang and it just wasn't the way it was. I size down the icons, that's why the 9x6 works for me; and I like to move the icons around so my home screen photo is visible. Are there any apps you guys reccomend I get from cydia or are the ones I've mentioned the only worthy ones? Or any advice as to how to make custom grid and springtomize work together?

    Here's a picture of what I mean by I like to have my background visible. I just want to be able to have that 9x6 or so that I had before with customgrid and springtomize so I can move them around more freely/closer or farther apart.
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    Thread moved

    I'm not too familiar with theming so hopefully moving this thread to a more appropriate will yield more results for you

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    Personally, I think springtomize 2 has everything you need. With springtomize you can set the number of icons per row and get 5 rows per page. Also, get gridlock so you can change the layout of icons.

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    I'd recommend going back with iconoclasm, and then creating your own layout. It's really easy to do, just browse to /Library/Iconoclasm/Layouts and open one of the layouts with a text viewer. Bear in mind that all numbers are halved (incresing a number by 1 will move an icon 2px, etc.) and you should be able to figure it out and create soemthing exactly how yyou want it pretty easily

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