Hi guys,new here,so please be gentle lol.i have been theming my phone with a mix of Clear Lockscreen,Clear Camera Grabber,CUPS HD,Classica for iphone 4,and Ayecon.Ive got everything pretty much how i like it,but there is a couple of things i would like to theme,ive spent 5hrs + trying to Google it,and just simply can't find anything on what i want to achieve.I am using Ifunbox,Winterboard for the resprings,and afc2add to theme with.
My skills are basic-medium.
1-i would like to change Notification Center wallpaper,and also remove the "No New Notifications" label-need to know where to locate those in ifunbox
2-i would like to be able to add my in app status bar to both my lockscreen and springboard,as i would prefer to see a bit of color up there-need to know where to locate that aswell (ifunbox)
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Thats my 1st Springboard Page,2nd,Lockscreen and Notification Center (currently using NoNoNotifications)
Also need help to find where i hide the lockscreen ipod controls dark background (double click),and also the volume HUD is located.
I may or may not have posted this in the wrong section;im new to these forums,please feel free to move it