Hi all; I've got a question for which I've been searching for an answer for quite a while now, and I was hoping somebody could help me out. As most of you probably know, the native system PNG images on iOS are optimized with pngcrush. That presents a problem if you want to pull them off your iDevice and edit them, because most programs won't open them. I originally had a first-gen iPod Touch, and I found a program--here's the link--that successfully converted them into usable files. It worked fine up until at least 3.1.3 I believe. Anyways, I recently jailbroke my fourth-gen iPod, and I was quite saddened to discover that apparently the utility is broken for the iOS 5 images. It converts part of the image and then encounters a fatal error, meaning I've got a bunch of half-images.

So here's my question: does anyone know of a way to un-optimize PNGs on Windows that works reliably for iOS 5? I've looked at the original pngcrush utility but it appears to be incapable of undoing whatever Xcode does to it. Thanks in advance for any help, I'm a little surprised I haven't found more people asking this question.

Alternatively, could anybody fix the linked program above if I were to post the error report it creates? Long shot I know, but what the heck.