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Thread: Tap to unlock will not work

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    Default Tap to unlock will not work
    Just upgraded / jailbroke to 5.1.1. Cydia and winterboard installed fine. I have tried 6-8 different Tap To Unlock themes and none will work. I install via Cydia, enable in Winterboard and move to top of list then respring. Even tried rebooting. No matter what I get a slider. Convinced I'm doing something wrong or not enabling something required for it to work. Any suggestions please?

    UPDATE; Looks like none of the winterboard themes are working and further searches have led to dozens of posts that there are no working themes for 5.1. Any corrections/advice welcome
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    I did see that one and tried it with no luck either which is why I'm thinking there's another issue with my phone that's not allowing Winterboard to apply tweaks. How much do you have to actually change (files and images) to make that work? I could ssh in and look at files to see if something's off but I'm seriously thinking there's either a missing library or Cydia app I haven't installed that's required or some other weird problem preventing any theme from working. The other Cydia tweaks that don't require Winterboard work fine, I put Unfold on there today and it works like a charm, and I used Activator to add a double tap to the clock area in case I'm having problems with the slider, but I just despise the damn slider and I'd really like to be able to use some of the other Winterboard themes and tweaks out there.

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    Spoke too soon about Unfold. Worked a few times now every time I try it hangs half unfolded and stays there with the unlocked home screen behind it LOL. Thank goodness I set activator up too

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    I had Unfold installed on my 4S but never had any issues with running it on 5.1.1...
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    I'd try re-installing winterboard (if you haven't already) if I were you, I've never seen any one else with a problem like that! If that still doesn't work, I can tell you how to manually theme the slider since theat's the main one you want to change, but hopefully it won't come to that!

    Bear in mind that you may lose your themes if you do this, so you might want to back them up first

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    I had reinstalled but just to test I uninstalled Winterboard, which removed all the themes, and did a fresh install of it. I tested the No Undocked and No Docked Icon Label tweaks and both worked fine. Then I downloaded Tap To Unlock 5.1.1+ and tested it. I enabled LS Tap Default, no change. Then I unchecked that and enabled LS Tap Clear but that didn't get rid of the slider either. HOWEVER there is one change being made - the "Slide To Unlock" text and animation disappears. So something is being changed but the slider is not being replaced with a tap button. I still have to slide it all the way to the camera icon to unlock it. I always have to be the one guy with the one issue that nobody else has LOL. butler007 I'm going to email you and let you guide me through looking at the files to see if we can spot something wrong.

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