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Thread: Question concerning dock

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    Default Question concerning dock
    I've got a question concerning the dock. It is probably painfully obvious, but I've had no luck searching for it.

    The goal is to tweak away pretty much everything about the dock except the icons to get a bare bones, minimally wallpaper obstructing dock. Shadows, reflection, and labels are already gone (Springtomize). However there is this semi-transparent white shape beneath the icons that persists. I do not know how to get rid of it, and have not even been successful in finding out what it is called. Springtomize doesn't seem to address it, and I've been unable to find another tweak that does (though this is likely because I don't know what to call it!). I hope these screenshots demonstrate.

    -modmyi-shot-652012.jpg (I've come to prefer wallpapers like the one on top simply because they clash less with this thing)

    I do NOT want anything to do with Winterboard, Dreamboard, or themes. I have no problem with file editing. (For example: I currently implement behavior similar to MyStrings thru manual file edit bc I do not want to run Winterboard)

    So any suggestions? A tweak that would do this? The location of the relevant file? At the very least, whatever this "milky" thing is usually called?

    I've been a fairly frequent reader here, but this is my first post. Hope you guys can help me, as you've unknowingly done already several times =P Thanks!

    PS - I believe that currently all the modifications on my dock are due to Springtomize. I can list these options, MobileSubstrate addons, Cydia packages, etc. if need be, but at present this seems like overkill. I DO use the coverflow features in Springtomize, but that won't make this any more difficult will it?

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    Hi butler. I appreciate the quick response, just took me a while to answer because I wanted to get home and give it an honest try first.

    Unfortunately, I must tentatively say that I wasn't successful with either of those files.

    1st I :tried replacing them with fully transparent equally dimensioned PNG files (this wasn't much of a departure: it appeared that [email protected]~iphone.png was entirely transparent already and [email protected] was 100% transparent for its top half, and some graytone of middling transparency on the bottom)

    2nd: I tried replacing them both with 1x1 pixel transparent PNG files.

    I first respringed (resprung?) after each of these, and then did a full reboot to be sure. I noticed ZERO impact for either edit. I had high hopes too - the file names seemed very logical. I haven't totally ruled it out yet. Maybe try it again without springtomize (or even no mobilesubstrate), since even though it seems unlikely I guess its possible they are confounding it somehow.

    Could the appropriate pictures be in PrivateFrameworks? I don't really get the organizational distinction between CoreServices and PrivateFrameworks. They both seem rather "Private" and "Core" if you ask me.

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    Thanks for the quick response! I respond slowly only because I needed to get home in order to give your suggestion an honest try, and upon doing so realized some of the difficulties involved in changing these images (ie. pngcrush, this issue: [HOWTO] Convert png's from the iPod Touch for use on Windows/Mac | iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch forums | iFans) and the like.

    Your answer intuitively seemed pretty good. I was slightly less sure when I iFiled those two images: the first appears to be correctly shaped but entirely transparent already, and the "mask" one is top half entirely transparent, bottom half gray and something in the middle transparency, but square.

    Once I trudge through these image editing details (oh apple, why are these things always harder than i initally expect?) I'll let you know how it works.

    BTW - is there a NAME for this thing I'm trying to lose other than, perhaps, the name of those files? I can't be the first guy referring to it.

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    If anyone ever runs across this later with similar question: I accomplished the above. Springtomize was getting in the way.

    Sneakily enough, the relevant portion was not under "Dock" but under "Theming". It has a custom dock option, which comes pre-loaded with "no dock" (what I was looking for) and also allows for addition of others. I am guessing my simple file swap would've done it if I didn't have springtomize, but since i did it reached to "/var/library/springtomize....." instead. good news is, now i know i can park several docks there and switch at will!

    Thank you to: butler, and Transparent Springboard dock bar? in iOS 5.1.1 JB? - MacRumors Forums

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