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Thread: Help: Weather icons not showing up in Clean and Class Lock

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    Question Help: Weather icons not showing up in Clean and Class Lock

    Hi there,
    I actually really like this lockscreen theme a lot. It actually *is* clean and classy! However, I needed to get access to the files since the weather icons aren't showing up. I was able to nicely change my location (though I wish there was a way for the system to do an auto-detect depending on where I happen to be (for instance, on Saturday I'm going down to San Diego for a bicycle ride. I'd rather not have to reconfigure the file before I leave). But that's a whole separate issue and one I'm totally willing to overlook for now.

    In looking through the LockBackground.html file, it references a configureMe.js file, and I'm not finding it anywhere in the file structure for this theme. Not in var/stash/Themes.EovdS6//iOS Lock.theme nor in Library/Themes/iOS Lock.theme

    I'm assuming that this is the file that would set the file paths, etc., though it's a little hard to tell (this is a big assumption on my part since this is truly the first time I've ever accessed any files on my iPhone since I just did the Jailbreak a few days ago).

    IF this is the proper place to set the file paths AND it's actually missing (instead of being located somewhere else that I just can't even find), how can I get a replacement of this file? Is there some place I can download JUST this file? Is there an easy way to create one from scratch?

    Thanks in advance. I'm really enjoying having these sorts of options on my phone.

    EDIT: I did find a virtually identical theme called LS Nimbus, but sans the nice sounds that came with Clean and Classy Lockscreen (however, I copied those sounds to the LS Nimbus folder and have those still). However, I'm still not getting the weather icons and don't find the configureMe.js file.

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    Default Found the solution!
    Ok, after some more searching, I found this solution: Custom iPhone lock screens on iOS5

    Apparently it's a problem with iOS 5 and there's a different version of LS Nimbus, which I'm now able to re-style to be like the Clean and Classy Lock that I originally installed. So I'm pretty happy! Although, I gotta say, it would be nice to be able to not only have the weather icon change, but to also make the background image change depending on the weather...oh, maybe when I have more time one day, I'll be able to make that happen!


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