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Thread: Different Color "Slide To Unlock"

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    Default Different Color "Slide To Unlock"
    Hey everyone, today I will be showing you how to change the gradient that slides by on the "slide to unlock" screen.
    If you awaken your iPod/iPhone/iPad, you'll see that the "slide to unlock" has a white gradient sliding by in the background.

    Now, if you have jailbroken your iDevice, you may use Winterboard to theme this.


    An iFile-like application to look at your files (or iExplorer, for the computer)
    An image editing software

    First: MAKE A BACKUP! I am NOT responsible for bricking your iDevice (although I have no idea how this could brick it)!

    Secondly, you want to open up your iDevice and download onto your computer the gradient. The gradient is located in:
    /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework/bottombar[email protected]



    Now that we have that done, we can download it to our computer. You can do this using iExplorer, or in iFile you tap the blue arrow next to the image file and scroll all the way down, until it says "Add to Camera Roll"
    Once you have it in the Camera Roll, you can email the picture to yourself.
    Now, we want to open up an image editing software THAT SUPPORTS TRANSPARENCY. Microsoft Paint WILL NOT WORK!
    A nice free image editor is, or many people have Photoshop.

    Then, you edit the image to your heart's content, remembering that it WILL be sliding.
    Be Creative! Polka Dots, Diagonal bars, or the rainbow gradient that I will show you later.

    Then, when you are done you can email the image to yourself, or use iExplorer to upload it to your device.

    This is where Winterboard comes in. I'm not sure if you can upload the image directly back to the folder we got it from, and I have Winterboard, so I don't have to find out. If some adventuring soul would like to reply and find out for us, PLEASE DO!

    WINTERBOARD INSTRUCTIONS: If you already have a theme that edits the lockscreen, (I'm using ClearLockscreen) you can upload it to that theme by navigating to:


    FOR iEXPLORER USERS: After navigating to the folder above, drop the file in the folder and rename your edited file to "[email protected]" for Retina Devices, and "bottombarlocktextmask.png" for Pre-Retina devices. Now, skip to the bottom. You should be done.
    FOR IFILE USERS: This is where you should put your picture. To insert the picture here without using iExplorer, you have to download the file from your email, and the file will be added to your camera roll. The camera roll is located in:


    ^I don't know if other devices have a different folder or not. I am using an iPod Touch 4G. Will test on my 2G when I have time.

    Once you have this picture, press the "Edit" button, and then select the correct image file. Then, press the clipboard button at the bottom right. Select Copy/Link, and then navigate to:


    Once there, go into edit mode again, and press the clipboard button. Then, select "Paste" Now, rename the file "[email protected]" for Retina Devices, and "bottombarlocktextmask.png" for Pre-Retina devices.
    Now, you should be done! Respring your device, and test it to see if it works!

    Here's my modification:

    Here's my gradient I used for it

    I noticed this looks a bit sparse. If anyone wants more images, please say so!

    I hope this worked for everyone! If it didn't, feel free to post what happened, and I'll try to help you. Keep in mind, I'm an amateur modder too! Thanks for reading, and happy modding.

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