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Thread: Slide To Unlock Bar cannot be changed

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    Default Slide To Unlock Bar cannot be changed
    Right, ever since I updated my iPhone from 4.0.1 to 5.0.1 and jailbroke it, I have been unable to change the Slide to Unlock Bar despite trying with many different lockscreen themes.

    i am currently on a iPhone 3GS and i used the greenpoison jailbreak for 5.0.1. No matter which theme i use, the slide to unlock bar remains the same always.

    I was wondering if someone here could help me with my problem.

    Apart from this, I was wondering if anyone had a theme that emphasizes on wallpapers, ie I want a theme that has transparent slide bars with small icons and a place that shows time/date but at the same time doesnt block the most of the wallpaper.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    You know that themes that work on iOS4.x do not work in the same completeness on iOS 5.x.
    Especially the lockscreen images have been renamed by Apple in iOS5 and none of the iOS4 themes will work unless they get updated to work with iOS5.
    Look for "Tap to unlock iOS5" in Cydia and take it from there.

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    I did try with some themes that were supposed to work on 5.0.1. Everything except the slide bar was working. The slider bar always remained as the default theme

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    install : springtomize ios 5 from cydia.

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    uh springtomize is too much for me, i dont want to remove everything. An example of what im looking for can be seen in this theme. I used it for a year or so in 4.0.1 and I loved it.

    Link: Simple Sections Lockscreen by ~mik3j on deviantART

    Update: I've messed around with the files abit, and I managed to change the slider knob by adding a ~iphone at the back. However, Black_base and translucent_base as well as black_lock although as stated by a post remains the same in iOS5, it doesnt apply when i use the theme.

    Help anyone?
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    As I said before, get "Tap to unlock iOS5" from Cydia.
    It is an invisible tap to unlock lockscreen only, no wallpaper, no icons, no nothing, except all transparent images on the lockscreen. OK, it also has an transparent dock on the home screen. That's all it does!
    If you don't want a tap to unlock lockscreen then resize the bottombarknobgray~iphone.png to 71x47 and now you got an invisible slide to unlock.
    Can't be simpler, really.
    In case you don't want any of this, then you still have all the working file names for iOS5, then simply rename the files in the "old" iOS4 themes to the new file names (the image size is the same, only the file name have changed) and it works.
    Alternative you can search Cydia and install 5 apps or so that might have the same result.
    Your choice!

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    Jaz, i really appreciate your help. Firstly, I already installed Tap to unlock iOS5 and i changed the filenames of the files in the Bundles folder. However the files in the UIImage folder doesnt seem to be working. I checked a thread which states the changes that were made to the file names, but none of the files in UIImage folder were changed. As a result, I do not know why its not working.

    Regarding Tap to Unlock iOS5, i dont really want to remove everything, i.e. clock and a hidden slide bar. I still want to see something there.


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I have been having alot of problems with putting a different picture for the grey slider on the lockscreen and I have a IOS 5.1.1 and every slider graphic I want I can't put it on it downloads but it won't show up when I'm on the lockscreen and I do have winter board

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