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Thread: iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)

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    heres a nice list of UI images and what they are used for and elementalgodz, whos dsg lol.

    UI images list

    oh and i have that extract dmg coming

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    Hmm, this decrypted dmg is giving me problems...

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    Are the New iPad share.artwork files extracted yet please thank you for doing this us
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  7. The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to GUNNY29 For This Useful Post:

    ag92 (2012-06-04), Jahooba (2012-05-27)

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    Just removing now try in 5
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    It's done now
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    Gunny do you mind uploading the entire .artwork file [email protected]~ipad? I think i should add it to the stock .artwork files

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    Hi all,
    I've just updated my i4 from ios 5.0.1 to 5.1.1.
    I tried to unpack the [email protected]k but I got the message:

    "Sorry, but the artwork file Cartwork\[email protected] is not currently supported by this software."

    Anyone has the same problem? Thanks for any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elementalgodz11 View Post
    How to extract AssistantMic.artwork from the following location using Windows.

    1. SSH into your device and take AssistantMic.artwork from /System/Library/CoreServices/

    2. Make a folder called Python25 (or whatever) in the C Directory.

    3. Drag the files from the attatched zip file into Python25.

    4. Open up the iphone-artwork folder and drag AssistantMic.artwork in there.

    5. Open up an Elevated Command Prompt and type in
    chdir C:/Python25/iphone-artwork
    and hit enter.

    6. Now make a Folder in CPython25 called "img".

    7. Now type
    Code: -export AssistantMic.artwork C:\Python25\img
    and press Enter.

    8. Now go to CPython25 and open up the image folder and edit any files you wish.

    9. Type
    Code: -import C:\Python25\iphone-artwork\AssistantMic.artwork C:\Python25\img artworkname.artwork
    and press enter.

    10. artworkname.artwork should now be at

    11. Rename artworkname.artwork to AssistantMic.artwork.

    11. SSH back to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and replace the modified AssistantMic.artwork with the old one.

    Of course you will need Python and PIL as included in Post #1 of this thread.

    I will edit to make this easier to understand, but I am going to make a test one, and I would love for someone to test to see if it works with their iP4S.
    Where's the attached Zip?

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    Yeah I'll get the artwork file uploaded and posted then you can just add to the first post
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    i tried to extract the files such as was writting in the TUT
    But i get following Error - Massages ...
    Have anyone an Idea WHY?

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    Gunny, do you by any chance have the support files for AssistanMic.artwork? If so can you upload those to?

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    No I don't have them not sure where they are on the device
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