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Thread: Dial pad and keypad customizing is not working at all

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    Question Dial pad and keypad customizing is not working at all

    This is my first post. I searched the forum before I post this and if there is a similar thread which I didn't see it, I apologise.

    I have been reading lots of posts and to be honest with you guys, I didn't expect how deep it can go. Respect!

    I am using Ipad2 and Iphone4 (IOS 5) for almost 4 months. 2 weeks ago had a chance to install cydia and bunch of other stuff as well as themes.

    Themes are nice and makes the phone unieq I must say but my dial pad and keyboard is just default and won't change with any of themes. I made myself an amateur theme (I tried) and it doesnt show either.

    How can I do this properly, because the Folders\ has all the PNG's.

    Wallpaper, Sms background, Lock background, status bar, dock and icons are done and I am very happy about it.

    I just want to customise my dial pad, lock pad, sms / notes keyboard.

    Please help me out masters

    Thanks in advance

    edit: slide button is also done. Found here
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    Hi again, I found an answer to my lock pad question. It worked, people still searching for an answer can look at the link below:

    my other requests still valid and if you do know the answer please feel free to give an answer.


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    to theme the phone app for the iphone...well on ios 5.1.1 make a folder called lets say "phone keypad" and inside that folder make a "Folders" folder and inside that folder make a "" folder.

    Inside that folder is where the theme of the phone dialpad and stuff goes

    The name of the background of the keypad is "dialerkeypad"
    The name of the background when the keypad is pressed is "dialerkeypad_pressed
    The name of where the numbers show up is "dialerlcd"

    Thats all that ive got to work at the moment I havent looked into it.

    Usually what I do to find out what you name some of the stuff I download a specific theme containing that specific part and work from there.

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    If you're using the above method then summerboard mode must be turned on in winterboard, but here's what I'd recommend instead:
    Browse to var/stash/Applications/Mobile Phone (might be .app, I can't remember exactly!) and copy the folder into var/stash/Themes/YOURTHEME/Bundles and rename it Now, when you look through that folder you'll be able to see exactly what each image should be named and what size your own image should be! Just edit the ones you want and replace the original image and then reapply the theme!

    The above method can be used for anything! Dial pad will be in the mobilephone app, I believe the lockpad is in System/Library/Core Services/ (copy to var/stash/Themes/YOURTHEME/Bundles and rename to but it could be in System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework (goes to

    The keyboards are a bit harder, I'm pretty sure they can't be done with winterboard anymore, you'd have to find a theme for colourKeyboard that you liked, and this would change the keyboard everywhere on the device, I'm pretty sure you can't have one for SMS, on for notes and one for everywhere else if you see what I mean?

    Anyway, hope this helped!

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