There are some winterboard based springboard widgets that will put a picture and weather information on the springboard. Noki theme has one, so does Prestige. There are also some others, Glass SBwidget is one from this site.

These widgets use html and come with an image included for the background (wallpaper) and then the forecast + small picture is laid on top, using transparency effects. The glass widget for example uses an overlay to give the small pic a glassy effect, hence the name.

I am trying to use these widgets just to show a picture on the SB, so I've been trying to get rid of the wallpaper image they use, so it can show the user set wallpaper from the photos app. I tried making the wallpaper image they use transparent (gif and png formats) and I've tried editing the html file to take out the line that places the included wallpaper, but I can never get the user selected wallpaper to show. I always end up with either solid black or solid white as the background.

The purpose of this is to be able to put a small image on top of the user selected wallpaper, so that the user is not limited as the image included in the widget as his springboard background and can switch backgrounds as he likes.

Any ideas?