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Thread: Getting iPad3, Original iPad gift for niece. Need Help theme!

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    Hi I'm getting the iPad 3 and giving my original iPad to my niece (8 year old). I need help with Theme and a few other things. Here is what I'm planning;

    1. Ottebobx iPad Defender Series Case (let me know if there is a better one)


    2.Hot Pink Hands-free 3.5mm Headset For Apple iPhone 4 (any other good quality pink headphones for in teh 2-0$ range?)

    Hot Pink Hands-free 3.5mm Headset For Apple iPhone 4 | eBay

    3. Look screen of a Aquarium ???
    Aquarium HD does not looks real is there a video wallpaper than can't be used in the lock screen?

    4. Girl Theme iPad (Pink)
    Hello kitty or whatever, that looks good. I can't find any on cydia.

    5. Light Pink Keyboard ???

    A great Keyboard replacement pink for iPad

    6. A good iPad stand for kids (is there a better one than this)

    Tablet Teddy Bears

    THANKS! in advance for the help!!!

    Also I know what games to put in her iPad but educational stuff for 8 year old i have no idea, any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!!!

    By the way is a iPad 1 3g 64g Jailbreak iOS 5. Hopefully i can change the unlimited SIM to the new iPad3...
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    Well I have not found a live video of an aquarium for ipad lock screen.

    Found this theme; "PINK AND SMOOTH"

    Look's good transparent but i can't change the wallpaper background of the theme.

    Found a wallpaper of hello kitty for iPad that i like;


    Can't find a Pink iPad keyboard...

    Using theme "PRETTY PINK THEME" and i still cant use my own wallpapers. I choose user wallpaper and user lock background but it still does not work.

    Any help?

    OK the themes are not compatible with winterboard, so i have to replace the original background. Since i have to do it anyway I have a question Can I edit "PINK AND SMOOTH" theme with "PRETTY PINK THEME" battery and my own wallpaper? can it be done by SSH?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -hello_kitty_wallpaper_1_768x1024.jpg   -hello-kitty-ipad-background.jpg  
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    So i go to System/Library/CoreServices/ in iFile but cant find the wallpaper file and hgow to replace it...

    Any Help?

    Ok so this is the theme i want for my niece ipad;





    Battery logo from;


    Pink Keybord iPad;

    ???? can't find any...

    So I have iFiles and I use SSH a lot.

    Can I download both themes and make my own? or should i just edit in the same ipad?

    Either way HOW?

    P.S. I decided not to use Aquarium HD it does not look good IMHO
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    Ok first trial of the combine Themes;


    1. Battery icons from the other theme

    2. Pink icons from other theme that where not available on "PINK AND SMOOTH"

    3. Inside the slider is says "Hello Kitty" in pink (have not find a replacement for the actual slider)

    4. Connection bar and internet working satus bar are now "hello kitty'

    Not Working;

    1. Wallpaper is sideways and I had to re-size it on Photoshop lower to 320 x 480 (iphone rez, don't know where to change the resolution higher on the theme, left inside the ipad rez picture with name "[email protected]")

    2. When I open a folder i get a iphone size background behind the apps instead of the normal entire black ipad background when you open a folder.

    3. Can't find Pink ipad keyboards and the iphone obviously don't work

    4. Can't find Hello Ketty Slider on cydia

    5. Can't find a recent pink theme with more pink icons to add to the theme

    A few more things to fix/find but it look's promising. She will love it!! here is the file of what i have so far...


    Here is the file;

    Ok I have teh icon to replace the lock screen it's in the "" of the file I posted. How do I make it the slider for the lock screen?

    Moved the 6 slider icon files to ""

    Re spring and still nothing...
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    Bought Color Keyboard HD from cydia got the ipad pink keyboard.


    And fixed the slider lock screen icon;

    Inside the folder, you'll find three (3) .png images:


    Add a capital "T" to the end of the name of each of these three files (e.g. bottombarknobgrayT.png).

    Not Working; (YET)

    1. Wallpaper is sideways and I had to re-size it on Photoshop lower to 320 x 480 (iphone rez, don't know where to change the resolution higher on the theme, left inside the ipad rez picture with name "[email protected]")

    2. Can't find a recent pink theme with more pink icons to add to the theme

    Added Lust SBSettings Pink, looks OK... Will post Pictures of how it looks right now.
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    Here are the pictures;

    Attachment 562216

    Attachment 562217

    Attachment 562218

    Attachment 562219

    Attachment 562220

    Attachment 562221

    Attachment 562222

    Attachment 562223

    Attachment 562224

    Found another thing wrong the pink battery logos on the status bar are not working...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_0021.png   -img_0023.png   -img_0027.png   -img_0030.png   -img_0031.png  

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    Well i cant find the fix for the wallpaper, no matter what I do to the image it's shown sideways. Can't find a way to make the pink battery status icons work.

    Hopefully some of you Masters at this will finally help me out. When finish I will post to cydia...

    Thanks in Advance!!!

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    Here is the last version of the theme. On Dropbox rapid share sucks...

    Respring and the hello kitty moving when the is something loading or internet working is back to stock icons...

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    "iPink icons" is not installing on ipad. Anyone has a link for the icons?

    here is the app | iPink

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    Banter if she doesnt even like hello kitty

    Like A Boss

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    LOL! she does i asked her.

    Fixed the hello kitty loading icon and the pink battery status bar icons.

    Need help with the wallpaper on the theme its sideways, can't fix it. Also i had to re size image to iPhone dimensions so it will show correctly. Should use the higher resolution image on iPad.

    Also need more pink icons.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. (wallpaper is in there "[email protected]" if you want to help...

    Here is the last version; (also need to install "color Keyboard HD" & "Lust SBSettings Pink")

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    Latest Captures;

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    Added a capture of video player in the post above. Can't believe no one can help me with the wallpaper problem, 350+ views. Come on you guys can make this in your sleep, plz help!!!

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    Well deleted the wallpaper.png form the theme and use normal ipad way to add different wallpaper/lock screen and it works. Which makes me believe the problem is the name of the wallpaper in the theme. Also I'm looking how lo add the "Lust SBSettings Pink" to the theme, making safari progress bar from blue to pink, a pink icon set for the ipod music player app/multitask quick audio pink icons/lock screen pick audio control icons, pink border icon set in pink and a app like "makeitmine" that works on the current iOS to change carrier name...

    Again any help will be greatly appreciated...

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    im not gone lie, its 2 much for people to read.

    List your questions in :

    and i will answer them for you

    Like A Boss

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    Tnx!! man

    I am working on the icons for music players(ipod app/multiplayer controls/lock screen controls) already and on a pink boders icon set for the icons i cant find on pink...

    Not Working;

    1. how to get wallpaper and lock-screen to the theme (right now by removing them form theme i can use the pictures in the ipad)

    2. adding SBsetting theme so that it will install with the Theme I'm building.

    3. (Already did the pink safari progress url) edit...

    4. A app that will let me change the carrier name to hers, "Makeitmine" app is not working

    Latest Captures;

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    Are you planning on distributing this theme on cydia?
    If not why does it matter if you have to manually change certain files e,g assign a theme to sb settings?

    1. im confused as to what your asking, you can change the wallpaper of the springboard and lock screen independently by going settings>wallpaper

    2. If you ARE creating this as an installed theme, you can apply certain dependancies when you compile the .deb so that the sbsettings theme is installed as well (if you want to no how todo this, google idiots guide to creating cydia packages)

    3. If you are thumbing via winter board, create a folder structure like this:
    URLProgress.png < this being the colour you want

    4. If MIM isn't working, you can change your carrier text via SBsettings by going:
    System Options
    Custom Carrier

    Like A Boss

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    Well the safari URL progress bar is done still working on pick buttons for the music players...


    She is 8 years old I want a complete install so if there is any trouble its easy to fix it all at once.

    Will look for "idiots guide to creating cydia packages" LOL I'm a civil engineer not a computer but I have been a geek all my live. It's just that I have never done a Theme for iOS.

    I will love to Upload the Theme when finish to cydia, i know there are a lot of girls that will get the old ipad when ipad 3 comes out. Don't know how to make a deb. though, I have use Linux for years from Red Hat to Ubuntu now but I have never done a deb. install package...

    The problem with the wallpaper is that when i add the file to the theme it's sideways and zoom in. If I re size the image to iphone size is still sideways (look at the fist pictures). I also don't know how to add a lock screen picture to the theme.

    Nope even on SB the carrier cahnge is not working for me hhhhmmmmm
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    Hey no help? I'm not going to sell this thing its a one time deal. I just want to do it right so i dont have to mess with it again.

    Come on man help me out with adding Wallpaper and lock screen images to the theme, i still get th sideways & zoom stuff...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -ipad-theme-15.jpg  
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    Now I really finished the music player;


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