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Thread: color wifi taskbar IOS5

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    Default color wifi taskbar IOS5
    I can't figure out how to change the color of either the WiFi, Telephone Signal, and Battery in the task bar in ios5.

    Has anyone figured it out?

    Please let me know

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    UIImages folder...

    Wifi: (.png)

    ColorOnGrayShadow_0_WifiBars & [email protected] (0-3), WhiteOnBlackEtch_2_WifiBars & [email protected] (0-3), WhiteOnBlackShadow_2_WifiBars & [email protected] (0-3)

    Signal: (.png)

    ColorOnGrayShadow_0_Bars & [email protected] (0-5), WhiteOnBlackEtch_0_Bars & [email protected] (0-5), WhiteOnBlackShadow_0_Bars & [email protected] (0-5)


    Main background of the battery:

    ColorOnGrayShadow_BatteryDrainingBG & [email protected], WhiteOnBlackEtch_BatteryDrainingBG, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackShadow_BatteryDrainingBG, [email protected]


    ColorOnGrayShadow_BatteryDrainingInsides, [email protected], ColorOnGrayShadow_BatteryDrainingInsidesLow, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackEtch_BatteryDrainingInsides, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackEtch_BatteryDrainingInsidesLow, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackShadow_BatteryDrainingInsides, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackShadow_BatteryDrainingInsidesLow, [email protected]

    See the pattern?

    There's also (Charging and Charged Icons)

    ColorOnGrayShadow_BatteryCharged, [email protected], ColorOnGrayShadow_BatteryCharging, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackEtch_BatteryCharged, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackEtch_BatteryCharging, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackShadow_BatteryCharged, [email protected], WhiteOnBlackShadow_BatteryCharging, [email protected]
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    Thanks very much for the info. Can you also tell me the path to these files?

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    Are you making a Winterboard theme or you want the regular path?

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    For Winterboard, put them in \Library\Themes\{theme name}\UIImages

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