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Thread: Default Icons Not Changing in Themes

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    Default Default Icons Not Changing in Themes
    Everytime I change themes there are icons that don't get changed. I could understand if these were obscure apps but its not changing the icons for default apps like Mail, Music, Video, Calendar, etc. I have tried this on 2 paid themes (Envy HD, and EZ4U2NV) and several free ones with the same results. Is it possible that I have some sort of bug from my jailbreak or cydia? I have removed and reinstalled the themes and all their variations to see if that would fix it but it still doesn't. Any suggestions?

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    same problem with 4s, checked the theme files and all icons are there but mail and ipod refuse to theme

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    I have same problem too, the mail icon not changed at all it keep show the defail mail icon. ANy fix for this?

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    Seems really odd, assuming they are WinterBoard themes it is most likely an incorrect file name. I am running a 4S on 5.0.1 and make my own themes and there hasn't been an icon I haven't been able to theme. Are you people running iFile or able to SSH into your iDevices? If the file name is not named EXACTLY as how Apple Name the default icon it will not theme. e.g

    For Retina devices
    Calendar icon
    Named: [email protected]
    Bundle name:

    Mail icon
    Named: [email protected]
    Bundle name:
    **NOTE** the Uppercase "i" in the mail icon file name. If left lowercase it will not theme.

    Phone icon
    Named: [email protected]~iphone.png
    **NOTE** the "~iphone" in the file name, if your theme icon isn't named accordingly it will not theme.

    Video icon
    Named: [email protected]
    Bundle name:

    Music icon
    Named: [email protected]
    Bundle name:

    I advised the Bundle name as this is the preferred method for theming. If you look at the original App it contains a "info.plist" file which has a "Bundle Identifier" e.g "" themers usually duplicate this bundle in their theme and place the icon and any associated app themed images in this bundle folder. Any questions just ask
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