Hi there,

I recently j*ilbr*ke my iPhone 4 (4.3.3 OS) and installed Cydia (I believe version 1.1.2) and through it installed ********** 4 (4.4.2) as well as Winterboard (0.9.3211-1)

Next I tried downloading a few general icon-themes which downloaded ok. However, after installing them and then doing the "Respring" function through Winterboard I found that some work but the lockscreen and slider doesnt change and some slider themes (such as the Heineken slider-theme) dont work at all. For example, I downloaded a Batman Joker theme which was supposed to change the icons as well as the slider, however, only the icons changed NOT the lockscreen slider. I also downloaded the Heineken lockscreen slider which I was able to install through Cydia ok and 'Respring' through Winterboard BUT for some reason I cant see it afterwards on my lockscreen slider

What am I missing or doing wrong?

I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!