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Thread: someone needs to do this!!!

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    Default someone needs to do this!!!
    someone.. anyone...

    make a complete ui theme that is completely black!! apart from icons!

    black safari, messages, phone dialler, keyboard..

    every bit of default ui that is grey.. changed to black.. just black everything.. with White text..

    every status bar.. everything!

    anyone up for doing it??

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    Why not just turn off your phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    Why not just turn off your phone
    LMAO @Op I think there are themes like this already just search cydia
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    that was officially the scariest thing you have ever said str4y.
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    Dude T.M.I

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    Why not just turn off your phone

    YouTube - Black Pepper

    I think you might of overlooked the bit mentioning White text..

    il keep looking.. iv found nothing complete yet.. and none have offered a solution to black status bars and White font in all apps. including like safari,mail,SMS etc..

    most themes get jazzed up with flashes of colour or go completely over the top with over stylised icons.. I just want the complete ui changed so there's no "apple grey" **** going on

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    /Moved: Not a theme launch

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    I know what you are asking for,but is impossible to do it with a theme.It will need a tweak to do so,and I tink it will never come.
    I also wanted that,specially for apps that almost everything is a list,like Settings and iPod,to have a black screen and all text white.K.Nitsua was also asking for this.
    Tip:you can use the default "White on Black" option in Settings,it will give the look you want,but it inverts everything on the phone,all colors,not just white and black.

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    tried the invert thing. that's just so wrong! lol

    and web pages look so fked up.

    I've managed to get black status bars throughout all the stock apps sorted.. and I found a dark safari skin.. but the text font is grey or black.. and doesn't look right. supprised there isnt such a tweek.. it would make all black themes complete anyway..

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