Hey guys :

I dunno if it's right place for this, but here goes, calling out all themers n Modders to help out with my #BloodShotHD port of original #Bloodshot theme ! Look it up >> Here <<

Already got @VicDaMonki working on a cool SB Weather widget for it, but thing is I do not have a Retina iDevice so need help porting it over ! General UI has been done by @NictraSavios just need help with Stock icons and Settings icons n a cool looking LS Slideshow widget with clock on top with possibility of 12h/24h setup, with a very simple Weather widget above slider or with clock it don't matter !

As awesome as @NictraSavios is at modding he had many things happen which resulted in an extremely messy code !!!

Whatever is required of me am ready !
Anyone interested ??

Thanks Guys !