hey everyone. Great site been using it as a reference to create my own theme. Have just a few problems with some coding on a part.

Ok, so I have update my slider perfectly fine. I have change the color scheme/fonts fine and even got my background as a 'slideshow' persay. All of these things are working great and aligned perfect in my theme. The one issue I can't solve is how to combine the iWeather Widget into my theme. I like how I can do six days and on bottom row and how it function by itself, so I am wanting to use it in my theme.

I can either get it to display a black background with weather or my slide show with random blue line through middle of pictures. I assume this is actually the widget trying to work but it of course is not showing images or in correct location. Can you all help me out where I should throw the weather coding into my wallpaper.html code. Or if I can get it to work the same another way.

Also was wondering why my theme works but I noticed when I go into my folders, my old wallpaper pops up behind the folder screen. What file/location house that picture?

Thanks a bunch and hope to help out others one day.