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Thread: ♦ Massive Help needed in 4.1! ♦

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    Default ♦ Massive Help needed in 4.1! ♦
    Hey all I desperatly need to know how to remove the lockscreen clock background in 4.1 without using Lock Screen Clock Hider so that it does not show the big black ugly background behind the clock I need the name of the image of the lock screen clock. and i desperatly need to know how to create a status bar of such:

    I need the image files of the status barr objects thankyou in advance X

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    Those status bar images are part of a paid theme. If it Raaj its probably classified by Barsoverbeats.

    And you do use Lockscreen clock hide or lockinfo to do that you just change the opacity setting.
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    Yes but surely couldn't you tell me the way to change the IPOD text in the middle of the status bar or the carrier text? Thanks

    Oh and I found out the lockscreen clock background hide theme the file names are like BarLCD.png + BarLCD_T.png thanks
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    Not knowing what type of device you have makes it hard to give advice.
    The CLASS carrier is a bundle file for the phone or for the iPod there 2 .png files that go in the UIImages
    Raaj is photoshoped on to either the status bar or the wallpaper. If its the wallpaper you have to use a transparent statusbar so it shows through.

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