I'm trying to replace the Rage HD icon and castle age icon on my unlocked Iphone 3gs with a transparent icon (for my theme). I know that some of you guys have managed to change the icon (not a blank one though). I SSh'ed into the phone, went to the app folder for rage & castle age, problem is, there is no icon.png. I saw a whole bunch of png files and couldn't tell which one was the spring board icon. Now after 45 mins of testing I manage to get to a point of removing the icon and replacing it with a blank icon. But what I end up with is dark square, it's not blank.

Now I've replaced my facebook icon & fandango icon with blanks before so it's not like I haven't done it. But for some reason I can't figure out what icon I have to replace for rage and castle age.

Anyone have any ideas?