Hello everyone!

I have a question that should be answered by Proīs with no problem I think, but for me as a beginner, i donīt know how to manage it.

Please look at this beatuiful theme:
MacThemes Forum / [theme] Gladhander.

Now if you look here:
MacThemes Forum / [theme] Gladhander

People developed new icons for apps which the original theme doesnīt support. Now my question is:
How can i add those png images (small and big ones?!) to the theme above so that my iphone will recognize them?
Do i just have to put them in a specific folder or do i need another programm to combine app and png picture file?!

You may also refer me to a link if you know a good page. I googled by myself but i actually donīt know what i should enter in the search box.

Best Regards