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Thread: abstractious theme - lockscreen problem

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    Default abstractious theme - lockscreen problem
    i've youtubed and googled and i can't seem to find a solution regarding this but i've noticed that the abstractious theme has a lockscreen theme attached to it but for some reason i can't get it to work. anyone else having problems?

    i'm running on 4.1 - maybe that's why? if so can anyone confirm this besides the obvious - ME! or could it perhaps be a separate lockscreen theme? - which i don't think it is because during my quest for an answer i made the assumption that once you download and respring abstractious the lockscreen should be there but it isn't. any kind of help would be appreciated.


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    theres no lockscreen theme for that theme well at least what modmyi says | Abstractious

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    oh really? weird - all the youtube videos i've searched about it showed the exact same lockscreen. hmmm oh well thanks! guess i'll have to look for that specific lockscreen then. it looked like it would fit perfectly with that theme i guess that's why i thought there was one.

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    ill see if i can find some more out for you 2 minds searching is better than one

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    thank you i appreciate that

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    all i found was the purple apple thats just an image is that what your talking about or is there supposed to be a html style lockscreen according to the youtube video?

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    i'm not exactly sure. the lockscreen slider is very thin and the time on the lockscreen is blue - very simple. here's the youtube vid:

    [ame=]YouTube - Abstractious Theme Review[/ame]

    i left comment for the guy who made the vid - maybe he'll reply
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    That must be a mod cuzz i downloaded it on my phone and i got a 3 arrow slider

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