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Thread: Displaying different images for Photo app (randomlly)

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    Default Displaying different images for Photo app (randomlly)
    I have some photos, that I resized to 60 x 60 inches, and I can select one, rename it to Photos.png and see it as the Photos app using winterboard in my theme.
    Now my question: It's possible to set, for exemple, 6 different images, that will change randomlly every hour??? (the same idea from Weather widget) I saw some themes that would change the lockscreen randomlly, and the wallpaper too, but I want to change just 1 icon....
    Any ideas ?
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    I'd guess that the program would have to grab an image from a folder and rename it to photos.png, after renaming the current png to something else. I would think a respring would be required to have icons change though.

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    but if a respring is necessary how does some wallpaper with animated images works? And how does the weather widget works? (it changes the Weather icon App every minute,5 minutes, every hour....)

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    This is true. I was just guessing and throwing that out there. Liveclock also works, and the date changes on the icon, but that's just text over the actual icon png, and I don't know about how the liveclock works. I can't speak for weather widget, and wallpaper changing is different than icons changing, but I'm probably the last person to be offering help. Justmy thoughts to look into or spark some discussions.

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    OK! anyways if you found something let me know.... My edited photos look like an digital frame, with a small camera in front of it (I got this idea because of the iPhoto icon from Leopard), don't you think it would be cool having this icon changing with all edited photos?

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    I agree that it'd be cool. But don't know how it would be accomplished. Plus, I'm getting low on ram anymore, so I'm hesitant on anything like this.

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