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Thread: My icons in photoshop are pixelated

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    Default My icons in photoshop are pixelated
    This is probably a stupid question, but it is one that I require an answer to. I am trying to make my own theme (I'll post it on here once it's done), and I am in the process of creating my icons.
    My New Document settings in photoshop:
    60x60 pixels
    72 ppi
    RGB color

    Whenever i make an icon, the quality is terrible, and it is very pixellated. When i open up an icon from a different theme, the quality is better than mine. What settings should I use to make an icon in photoshop, and what are some tips for making good icons.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't make your icon 60 X 60. Make it 300 X 300 and reduce it to 60 x 60 when you're done. That should take care of your problem.
    The Buuf icon pack though page 350 can be found here or for those of you who asked for Rapidshare, here,

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    lol, i knew it was a stupid question. after i posted this, i was messing around and made an icon 600x600, and then resized it to 55x55 (thats the size of my icons for my theme), and it worked perfectly, thanks!

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    uncle_don is correct,

    Make your document @ 300 x 300 then reduce it to 60 x 60

    Reason for doing that is cause your taking a bunch of pixels @ 300x300 then compressing them down to 60x60 therefore making it a much higher quality.

    Good luck!

    Edit : ya just try to make sure its divisible. Meaning if you wanna make something 60 x 60 you can use..

    120 x 120
    180 x 180
    240 x 240
    300 x 300
    360 x 360

    Get what I'm saying? That way it doesn't distort it at all!

    Good luck!

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    I used 600x600, and reduced it to 55x55, because my icons are made to "fit" into my background, and it worked fine. Thanks

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