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Thread: Help making a custom dialer?

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    Default Help making a custom dialer?
    okay so i made a new dialpad for my phone. i don't really know what size it should be or anything about it. i made it and saved it as a png file. the next problem is where do i put it on the phone? i wish there was a new tutorial for this. found one but very old.

    thanks for helping

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    Get any custom dialer from Cydia, SSH into phone to get that custom dialer theme to your computer then examine the images and structure of the dialer theme.

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    how do i open them up? they are under si there a tutorial somewhere out there to start from scratch or replace the image behind the dialer? i found a template on here that i can make the background a pic of my kids but don't know what to do with it when done

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    I personally don't know of any dialer theme tutorials but doing it this way is imo the best way to understand theming. By just getting a previously made theme and examining it. You will be able to see the image sizes, names, location.

    The custom dialer theme will be in /Library/Themes/ <--here along with all your other Winterboard themes.

    I didn't understand your question "how do I open them up",
    Are you stuck on opening the within the Theme?
    Are you on a Mac or PC?

    Edit: Broomhead just posted a link to "how to" here in the other thread you posted in:
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    okay i figured out how to open them up and i made a quick one with my kids but i can't get it to show up on the iphone. i put it in Applications/ and saved it as BarDialer_Sel.png. in winterboard i have all the themes off and no dialers checked. all i get is the stock dialer.


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    The images need to go only in the theme in Winterboard not in the actual Applications/

    In your Dialertheme/Bundles/ you should have:

    dialerkeypad.png 320x273
    dialerkeypad_pressed.png 320x273
    dialerlcd.png 320x74
    DefaultDialer.png 320x460
    callbkgnd_pressed.png 3x64
    callbkgnd.png 3x64
    addcontact_pressed.png 107x64
    addcontact.png 107x64
    delete_pressed.png 107x64
    delete.png 107x64

    PM me your email and I will send you the default images so you can have an idea what they are for.

    BTW, the BarDialer_Sel.png is the small "Dialer" icon that goes on the bottom of the phone app along with Favorites, Recents, Contacts, "Dialer", Voicemail

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    I'm sorry to bring an old thread back to life, but heres a great tutorial on the subject...
    Make Your Own Custom iPhone Keypad Guide

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