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Thread: possible vb bug?

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    Default possible vb bug?
    This may not be news
    (or even unique to VB)
    but I just noticed how misaligning VB markup can badly screw up page display,
    overwriting other people's threads and basically wreaking havoc.

    I posted this (tags broken by accident)
    then spent another 5 minutes trying to figure out how to edit or report. :/

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    • Proof. All pictures need to have your user name on a piece of paper clearly visible in the photo.
  2. Quote Originally Posted by Rules of the Buy/Sale/Trade subforum
    curious to see if posts that come AFTER it are affected.
    It just hits posts that come before. :/
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    Let's see.

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    [quote=me, myself, i]
    [*]sucks, this does.

    No, it doesn't affect posts that come after.
    Just posts that come before.

    ok. this sucks.
    (guess it's something to watch out for, until VB can get it fixed.)

    doesn't seem to break things in Safari or Mobile Safari
    Does break Firefox and IE. (meh)
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    lol wtf is going on in this thread

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    Ummmm just wondering that too.

    Turning on comppatiblity mode in IE I can read the first posts. But in normal mode it is blocked by a massive edit banner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Overcash View Post
    lol wtf is going on in this thread
    Hi Cody!
    thanks for checking in.

    It appears to be a bug in VBulletin, that affects IE and Firefox (at least). Doesn't affect Safari or Mobile Safari that I can see.
    It messes up display of all previous posts in a thread.

    Its triggered by misplaced bbcode tags. ex. wrapping a SIZE tag around a LIST, with a QUOTE tag dangling in between.
    I caught this by accident the first time. Its not something anyone should be doing on purpose, but the resulting behavior (ruins the entire thread) seems like an exception that VB ought to catch; even if its technically a FF/IE bug for not rendering html correctly.

    [QUOTE=Cody Overcash;6260659]

    [*]lol wtf

    I've neutered all but the first post, so you can see what's causing it.
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    wth ? This is a bug

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