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Thread: Do !NOT! update with rock today

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    Mine got bricked around 10:00pm last night. I agree thank goodness for the Spirt JB. I got back up and running after restoring and running S-JB...

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    Hej how do you restore if it does not even start? I am desperate here.
    Same happened to me but how can one restore if the phone does not boot?
    bgds doronavi.

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    If it won't start, while plugged into the wall, hold the home button and power button until it powers on then off and then when it powers on for a second time hold the home button. It will then tell you to connect it to iTunes. Unplug it from the wall and plug it into your computers USB. iTunes will ask you to Download and install the 3.1.3. Once that is installed you can restore from the last time you synced your phone. Then the last steps are to go to and execute the jailbreak. If you're having trouble with the jailbreak on a vista or windows 7 machine has a good tutorial. This will jailbreak your phone and install cydia. If your purchased pkgbackup in cydia you can go in and install it. All of your cydia purchases and setting will then restore

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    Well fuckity ****. Looks like I dont have a phone the rest of the day til I can get home to waste the rest of my night fixing this.

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    Unhappy Phone Down!
    Same here...
    My mistake! I don't usually update Cydia via Rock but did that today because it was showing too many (6)!! updates...
    Paying price for not being attentive...

    Guys, I could DFU and use spirit to JB but will I be able to unlock 3.1.3 ???

    Also, I had my SHSH stored via Cydia. IS there a way I can restore to 3.1.2 instead of 3.1.3?

    Please help!!!

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    Any chance this was a purpose "accident" by the dev team so we use their new spirit jailbreak and donate?

    You can't unlock 3.1.3 and the SHSH stored on the server isn't available today because of the high volume bc of spirits jb
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    ^^ From what I have read, you WILL NOT be able to unlock.

    Also, if you can get iTunes to recognize your phone, you "should" be able to restore 3.1.2, if you had your SHSH files stored on Cydia and your computers hosts file pointed to Saurik's server for the apple verification site.
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    This may be in bad taste to ask...but how do you get 'Rock' back on your phone?

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    When I've used Rock, this never happened to me.

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    I never had a problem until I installed Cydia after Rock. Same issues as mentioned above. Does anyone remember how to do the custom restore of 3.1.2? I really, really don't want to go to 3.1.3(on AT&T)

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    ok so i did this update but my phone is still on.. what should i do??

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    If it works, I sure as hell wouldn't reboot it until someone finds a way to mop up this clusterF.

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    great .. my phones been really slow today too and i was going to reboot it tonight.. this sucks... if i restore and update to 3.1.3 an i use the spirit jb ? or is that not true

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    Spirit JB seems to work just fine-as does Rock now in 3.13....if you even want to go there.

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    I was bricked as well. Forced restore was to 3.1.3. Spirit worked for me but was a painful restore to get my phone back to the way I had it. Now today there is yet another Rock update [v2.51.2]. Is this safe or will this be the end of Rock usage since they messed up so many people?

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    If you believe Rock, it looks like the 2.51.2 update just fixes an "add source bug", but I'm not touching it for a few days.

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    Just to me-too here.. My phone died last night as well due to updating via Rock. Are people confirming this is happening to cydia users as well? Ive moved to rock as my preferred app, but this is making me rethink things.

    Yeah happening to Cydia users also.. has nothing to do with where you installed from.
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    It was definitely caused by the Rock updates. What I don't know is if it bricked all Rock users who updated, or just those who were also running Cydia.

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    Got mine back after 100 reboots it went into DFU mode. Never again will i use rock. People dont forget how rock boned ur phone!

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