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Thread: iOS 5 Change Text Tone Names

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    Default iOS 5 Change Text Tone Names
    I made my own winterboard Portal 2 SMS tones because I wasn't happy with the ones that were available on Cydia at the time. I looked up how to have the text tones show their names with the "texttone:Bell" = "Do You Know Who I Am?"; in ab.strings

    Apparently this has changed in iOS 5. The folder hierarchy changed slightly with the newer text tones and I managed to fix that, but for the life of me can I find anything in regards to renaming the text tones.

    Here's my folder setup.

    • Portal 2 UI Sounds 01.theme/
      new text tones
      all the system sounds

    Text Tone strings in ab.strings:
    "texttone:Bell" = "Do You Know Who I Am?";
    "texttone:Bloom" = "Hello, Imbecile";
    "texttone:Calypso" = "Hola, Amigo";
    "texttone:Chime" = "Look At This";
    "texttone:Choo Choo" = "Keep Your Pants On";
    "texttone:Descent" = "It's Interestin'";
    "texttone:Electronic" = "Don't Tell Anyone";
    "texttone:Fanfare" = "Let's See What We Got";
    "texttone:Glass" = "Love This";
    "texttone:Horn" = "Did You Feel That?";
    "texttone:Ladder" = "Felt Really Good.";
    "texttone:Minuet" = "Please Wave";
    "texttone:Anticipate" = "Grab Me! Grab Me! Grab Me!";
    "texttone:News Flash" = "Procrastinator";
    "texttone:Noir" = "One Useful Thing";
    "texttone:Sherwood Forest" = "Well Hello Stranger";
    "texttone:Spell" = "Greeting Friend";
    "texttone:Suspense" = "Ha, It Worked!";
    "texttone:Telegraph" = "Here I Am Again";
    "texttone:Tiptoes" = "Hiya Pretty Lady";
    "texttone:Tri-tone" = "Suppose To Do With These?";
    "texttone:Typewriters" = "How Have You Been?";
    "texttone:Update" = "Oh, Hello Angel";
    plist code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">
    <string>texttone:Grab Me! Grab Me! Grab Me!</string>
    <string>texttone:Hello, Imbecile</string>
    <string>texttone:Hola, Amigo</string>
    <string>texttone:Keep Your Pants On</string>
    <string>texttone:It's Interestin'</string>
    <string>texttone:Let's See What We Got</string>
    <string>texttone:Felt Really Good.</string>
    <string>texttone:Please Wave</string>
    <string>texttone:One Useful Thing</string>
    <string>texttone:Well Hello Stranger</string>
    <string>texttone:Greeting Friend</string>
    <string>texttone:Ha, It Worked!</string>
    <string>texttone:Here I Am Again</string>
    <string>texttone:Hiya Pretty Lady</string>
    <string>texttone:How Have You Been?</string>
    <string>texttone:Oh, Hello Angel</string>
    <string>texttone:Suppose To Do With These?</string>
    <string>texttone:Look At This</string>
    <string>texttone:Love This</string>
    <string>texttone:Did You Feel That?</string>
    <string>texttone:Do You Know Who I Am?</string>
    <string>texttone:Let's See What We Got</string>
    <string>Adventure Sphere</string>
    While I'm grateful for having iOS 5.0.1 Jailbroken this minor detail is driving me a bit batty. Regular text tone names remain the same when I hit this new jailbreak, but changed on 4.x.x lol Also I wish the search function worked and wasn't throwing up a database error on modmyi. Anyway, anyone with some insight on how to remedy this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey, good news and bad news... Bad news is that you can't do what you want to with iOS 5. Check my post below for the good news

    IOS 5.0.1 Rename Text Tone Names

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