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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones

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    Default [GIVEAWAY] Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones

    Let's take a look at a sweet pair of audio cans, Bowers & Wilkins' P3 headphones. We took a look at the P3's big brother, the P5's, a while back.


    We mentioned in the P5 review - Bowers & Wilkins, or B&W as they're generally referred to, have been around since 1966 making high-end audio equipment. Back then, it was John Bowers and his buddy Roy Wilkins, handcrafting speakers in the back of an electronics shop. They're a British company, based in Worthing, England (West Sussex) - and really, if you aren't already familiar with B&W, you probably aren't an audio enthusiast.

    In the Box

    If Apple's packaging is day, Bowers & Wilkins packaging is night. Clean, simple, black heavy packaging features a simple photo of the P3s, the brand name, and the model name, P3.

    Inside the box is a black foam bed with the hard plastic included case. You'll find the folded P3 headphones in the case, along with a plastic-wrapped product booklet (not sure why that plastic is necessary), a female 3.5mm to male 1/4" adapter, and an extra cable for the phones. A place for everything, and everything in it's right place.


    The P3 headphones are well designed. The acoustic cloth earpads (the headband part has the same material) are soft and sit well on the ears. I've used the P3s in airplanes a couple times now, and they were very comfortable throughout the 6 hour trips.

    One cool thing about the P3s - they fold up to a compact size. You can fit them well in a jacket pocket or your bag, which I did. I didn't use the included hard case, as its width added some bulk which I didn't want. They seem durable enough - I have brought these phones on a couple trips and out and about a few times, always folded up in my bag, with no wear and tear at all on them. The aluminum and rubber materials used in the P3s give them a light, but strong feel.

    The acoustic cloth earpads come off each side, to reveal the 30mm drivers underneath. The right earbud has a changeable cord in case you'd like to switch to the included cable without inline mic, speaker, and iPod/iPhone controls.

    Compared to the P5 headphones, you can see where some cuts have been made to make a less expensive product. Gone is the sheepskin leather everywhere, replaced instead by rubber, cloth, and aluminum. The metal is slightly thinner, but the phones still feel solid and well-built.

    The P3 headphones come in black or white.


    The P3s sound brilliant. The mid range is great - which is so nice when compared to some of the bass-heavy DJ-style phones all over the market. Highs come through with crisp clarity, and lows are present and full. The P5s have a heavier bottom end, but you'll definitely hear all the lows with the 30mm drivers of the P3s.

    I heard clean reproduction of sound

    Price / Conclusion

    You can pick up the P3 headphones at for $199.95 in white or black. Of course - we've also got a pair for giveaway, courtesy of the folks at B&W. Use the widget below to get entries into the raffle giveaway!

    We're giving the P3 a 4.5 leaves rating. It's easy to listen to the clean, full sound of the P3s for long periods of time - they're our favorite sub-$200 headphones. Easy portability, great sound, and timeless style make B&W's P3 headphones a perfect way to listen to your iDevices.


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    They look pretty sweet

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    They really have a great look about them. I've got a pair of Audio Technica ADH700 but after five years they're almost dead because of the cord - these would make a pretty good looking (and great sounding, apparently) replacement that can be used on all my devices, not just my gaming PC!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taz1981 View Post
    They look pretty sweet
    They look awesome!

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    these would be great to win, been looking for new headphones for a while now

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    These look pretty unique. Wonder how durable they are.

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    I wonder if its worth the $200

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    finaly a decent pair of headphones

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    I wish I could win these.

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    Damn those are sharp looking

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    Looks like a nice set of headphones... definintely need as an upgrade to my iphone headphones on my long trips

    Looks like a great replacement for my existing iPhone headphones... especially on my long trips

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    I'd love to give these a go, I'm in need of a decent pair of headphones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DistortedHope View Post
    I'd love to give these a go, I'm in need of a decent pair of headphones.
    Me too
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    They have that awesome retro look to it which seems to be the new trend lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by ensigma View Post
    They have that awesome retro look to it which seems to be the new trend lately
    I was thinking exactly the same thing. They actually remind me very much of a great pair I had back in the late 80's.

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    One of the Apple Store I went to actually have this headphone out on counter for try-out. The quality is pretty awesome! I mean for $200, u can get some decent headphone with style, like the Bose headphones. This one actually is better than Beats. Would love to have a pair of this headphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by imlboy View Post
    This one actually is better than Beats.
    Everything is better than Beats.

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    These look down right jaw-dropping. Thank you for having this giveaway, awfully nice.

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    Default Beautiful designed headphones, I really want them!
    Those headphones are just in one word: Beautiful!

    I really want them, especially since they are a 100 times more beautiful than the Beats by Dre headphone everyone is wearing. And besides the design: The sound quality is in my opinion, after experience, so great! I can listen to music or videos with this all day long.

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