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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Cellhelmet iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Case

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    Default [GIVEAWAY] Cellhelmet iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Case

    Back in the middle of February, ModMyi featured a KickStarter project called the Cellhelmet TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) rubber case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The case is an American-made iPhone case and it protects every corner of your iPhone with a rigid, bumper-like design. Additionally, the case would come with a one-year guarantee that if your iPhone were to be harmed while inside of the Cellhelmet, would replace your iPhone with no questions asked – just pay the $50 handling fee.

    Inside of the box you get your Cellhelmet case, two colored back plates that proudly display the Cellhelmet logo, and your redeem code for the one-year coverage that comes with the Cellhelmet. The case is sturdy, but flexible and semi-transparent – it comes in a clear version and a smoked version. The two colored back plates that came with this case is the Blue and Green set, but you can also get a Black and White set or a Pink and Purple set and they are made out of a thin, credit card-like plastic material. The redeem code needs to be scratched off with a coin and then registered with within 30 days of purchasing the case to obtain your coverage.

    The Cellhelmet case does a fine job of looking good on your iPhone – the case also tucks up and over the front of the iPhone to protect your front screen from drop damage and it holds the iPhone inside of the case by covering the bottom portion of the iPhone almost like an iPhone-strap-in. The home button, as well as the touch screen, are easily accessible and are not interfered with by the case.

    The Cellhelmet gives you a nice open area for the camera and the LED flash, so you can be sure that the case isn’t going to destroy your photographs like some other cases can. All plug ports are also easily accessible and will fit any stock plugs and accessories by Apple and a limited amount of third party accessories. The headphone jack is a little tight, but workable with most headphone or speaker accessories. The microphones both have enough open space to hear your voice clearly and both speakers have enough open space that you can hear them clearly.

    The Cellhelmet case is a great case retailing at $44.99 on the cellpig Web site. That price includes the coverage warranty. The case fits well in any pocket and offers a nice variety for color customization.

    It doesn’t matter if the iPhone is new, used, unlocked, or jailbroken, or if your one-year coverage from Apple has expired – you are covered by the warranty, which will begin as soon as you register your case online and end exactly one year after you register the case. As aforementioned, you must register the case within 30 days of purchasing the case. Only United States and Canada residents are eligible for the coverage, which covers any port damage, frame damage, mother board damage, front/rear glass damage, or button damage. You also have unlimited repairs, which means that you aren't limited to one fix per case. You can use the claim system as many times as you need to during the one-year coverage guarantee. The service is available 24/7.

    ModMyi gives the Cellhelmet case a rating of four leaves because the case is sturdy enough to hold up to our drop testing and the complementary coverage is unbeatable.

    Cellpig is offering ModMyi two cases to give away to our readers. If you would like a chance to win a Cellhelmet TPU case, complete the widget below to be entered into the drawing.

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    This product looks great!!!!

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    Pretty cool, and reasonable a price.

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    Mmmmm I've been looking for something with a garuntee like this

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    Pretty sweet since you pay just about that much for any decent case to protect your phone somewhat and then usualy more for a real good one that also adds bulk so you get the get the extra protection without the bulk now if only it were water proof! could defiantly use this!

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    Warentee! Cant wait to hear how that works in real time.

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    I need a new case, let's do it.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone norfskate's Avatar
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    The case looks amazing

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    Looks great, me wants

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    Don't they make these in Pittsburgh?

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    Pretty sweet case

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    How can you not love an extra year of warranty? Sign me up!!

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    Giveaway! I'm there!!!

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    This is awesome (fingers crossed) would love this

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    This looks too awesome! I do not have any case at all as of know, and I would really, really appreciate if I got one of these by you!

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