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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Safari Download Manager for iOS 5

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    Default [GIVEAWAY] Safari Download Manager for iOS 5

    Safari Download Manager was updated to include iOS 5 support yesterday and the developer, Dustin Howett, is celebrating by offering one lucky ModMyi reader with a copy of the updated jailbreak tweak, a $5 value. If you don’t remember what Safari Download Manager does, it offers you the ability to download files from the internet directly from Mobile Safari with a beautiful user interface that looks like Apple just might have made it themselves. Check it out!

    Safari Download Manager, once installed, puts a preferences pane in your Settings application where you can adjust its options. The main option is enabling and disabling the download feature, which is controlled with the toggle switch. After that, you can choose the kinds of file-types you can download and also choose how many simultaneous downloads you can have to help with bandwidth.

    Once you find a file online you want to download, you can tap on the download button and Safari Download Manager will bring up its prompt showing you the file you are about to download, the path where it will be downloaded to, and offer you a download or cancel button so you can make sure you want to download it. Tapping download will begin the download process, which will show a screen with a progress bar, percentage indicator, and download speed. If you tap on the 'done' button to exit the download interface, the download will continue in the background and you will see a new button in Mobile Safari with a '1' on it to indicate that there is a download in progress. You can cancel any download at any time with Safari Download Manager.

    When your download finishes, you can check the directory that you chose from Safari Download Manager with a file browser such as iFile to view the file that you downloaded. From here you can open the file, move it to Dropbox, or just save it there. You can delete it when you’re done with it.

    Additional Information

    Safari Download Manager works on every device on every firmware. It even works on iOS 6. iFile can be downloaded for free as an unlimited free trial with limited features and it works great with Safari Download Manager because it allows you to view and manage the files that you download. If you choose to buy all of the premium features of iFile (i.e. upgrade from the unlimited free trial), Purchasing Safari Download Manager will save you $2 on iFile.

    Because Safari Download Manager has a great name for itself and it works so splendidly, we recommend Safari Download Manager for your mobile downloading needs. A big thanks to Dustin Howett for his hard work on the update!

    Name: Safari Download Manager
    Price: $5.00
    Version: 2.0-3
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Dustin Howett
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    To win a copy of Safari Download Manager, complete as much of the widget as you can below to enter yourself into the drawing:

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    Definitely would be nice to have this!

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    Hope I get picked! Safari SHOULD have a download manager, and this would be perfect to have since I always come across something when I'm away from home that I'd like to download and usually have to wait to get home to do so.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone Damnskippy's Avatar
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    For some reason I have never bought this, would be cool to win it!

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    Great to get looks very need

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    Hope I win!

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    I used this tweak when I had iOS on my iPhone and it's a must have if you really use the phone at its full potential.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    One of the greatest tweaks ever! Confimed working on iOS 6
    All steps done!
    twitter: @balazs182089

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    Good luck to everyone .

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    Me wants

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    memememe meme mememe

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    What's Jailbreak? niezam's Avatar
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    Nice to hear it works for iOS 6.

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    Very lovely.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Hope i win

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone myiphone3gs4055's Avatar
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    I want to have this awesome tweak

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone The Guz's Avatar
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    Would be a great addition to have.

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    I don't see the widget. I've tried on Safari and Google Chrome.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrWHOx View Post
    Hope I win!
    how fid you make it work? I can't even see the widget.
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    I actually emailed Dustin a few months back practically begging him to update this tweak for compatibility for ios5, imagine my surprise when I find out its finally been updated. Dustin you are a freaking champion, and I thank you for the time you've taken to do this once again. Now, if I'm lucky enough to be the winner of a 'free' copy it would just be the perfect ending to my story.

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    The only thing it doesn't say is how many there giving out so I can only conclude they're giving away one and 1 out of 400 contestants or so is gonna be hard to win. But I still have hope choose me Cydia #: 1237512

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