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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Bowers and Wilkins P5 Headphones

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    Wonderful Modmyi.
    I travel w/ a Vaudeville Cirque. Daily.
    Long flights.
    Long buses.
    Super fun.
    Amazing people.
    Truly blessed.
    I would adore a chance at some quality headphones.
    They would go around the world.
    And thank you for all you write.
    I read every article.
    And have never needed.
    Too look elsewhere.
    For solid information.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Much gratitude.
    Hope I get lucky!!!

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    these bad boy looks the dog dodars but i've never won anything in my life so i don't think they will be coming this way!!

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    I love this pairs of headphones. I think it's better than Bose!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rion_j View Post
    stunning headphones! Would love to have a pair

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    hmm i could really use a pair of these

    i would love a pair of these
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Gorgeous set!

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    Green Apple
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    send it

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    $300 headphones? Count me in!

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    Matt, I would really really love this giveaway prize.

    I can not tell you how impressed I am and how thrilled I'd be if it were mine!

    I didn't win the 600million mega jackpot

    But this would be a fantastic conciliation prize

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    They look vintange......goooood!!!

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    They do look beautiful!

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    Go ahead and "Make my day". Great looking head phones!

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    they look really good

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    i buddy of mine has a pair of these, they are amaaazing quality... much better than standard headphones. would love a pair myself!

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    these are sick

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    Look better than the Skullcandy headphones I currently have.

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    cmon cmon cmon!!!! i swear i want them more than the others! pick this guy<-- i'll make a youtube review of them and promote modmyi too!

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    These headphones look amazing!!
    I would rock these :-)

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    I've been using over the head headphones for a very long time! I've always enjoyed the highest source of quality listening when it came to having good headphones. I honestly, have never seen headphones with that memory foam that molds your ear! I read that and it was pretty surprised! I would love to own a pair of these one day. The chance to have cushioned sound mold around your ears for high quality and comfort sounds promising for me to do what it takes to win a pair of these! I have a lot of jewelry in my ears! As in, I have industrial piercings, orbital piercings, conch, and then they are stretched to 00G. If I could have some headphones to really foam over all of that on my ears so nothing is clanking around on the inside of my currents ones, that would be fantastic!! I'll be letting all my friends get a shot to give them a listen and explain to them exactly how I got my hands on a nice pair of quality headphones! I would brag even more about MMI more so than what I do now I love MMI and everyone who is apart of it! We all work together and make great days turn into reality with one another! We all have each other's back and that's what this is all about! Family is giving away headphones to another lucky family member of the community! Whoever wins, I would like to give a congrats in the early stages of this!! Have fun everyone and take care!
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    great headphones, would love a pair!!!

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