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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] SPIGEN GLAS.t Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector

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    Default Nice
    Looks great to me. Has anyone tried the new "glass feel" Invisible shield yet?

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    I bought this a few days ago and honestly I don't like it and I regret spending $28 on it. It really is noticeably thicker. Like it's very noticeable and it doesn't look very good on the screen. The the epoxy buttons that go over the home button make it look and feel bad too. The home button had a concave curve meaning that it curves downward. The buttons have a convex curve so they're like a bubble over the home button so they don't feel like the original home button at all. The only good thing that I like about it is that it feels like the real screen but I don't think it's worth it.

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    Price is high may be try it

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    This looks awesome!! Do they make it for ipad 2 also?

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    Great Scott! I'll take 10!

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    I would really like to use a product like this, since my iphone means alot to me, and I cannot afford to pay for a new screen if it cracked or got a major flaw.

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    Brilliant! They should make something like this for the iPad (I'm sure it would be a bit pricey), but imagine if it was slightly frosted - best anti-glare screen cover ever. Anyways, pretty damn awesome nonetheless.

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    i want it!!!!!!

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    I love this screen protector. Films are not so useful, and don't protect at all from scratches. Hope I could win this protector's screen for my iPhone 4.
    It seems thinner and as strong as mine.
    Thank you for this contest, and thank you (all the team) for this awesome site.

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    Looks good!

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    wonderful giveaway, ModMyi always brought amazing giveaway but my bad luck. i didn't win any of them.

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    All about the glass here!
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    I want one too. :-)

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    This is sweet... Do they have it for iPad or just iPhone?

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    Anything that preserves the beauty of the screen!!!! Sounds like great product.

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    Love this idea for the phone. I have used something similar on my DSLR and it is great!

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    sounds interesting...

    would try it for free anyway

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    This looks legit! I've tried ZAGG before and love the protection, but HATE how it distorts the screen quality! I just want protection as well as be able to see my Retina screen how it was meant to be seen!

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