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Thread: Just Mobile Xtand Go White Review and Giveaway

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    Default Just Mobile Xtand Go White Review and Giveaway

    Back in February of last year we took a look at Just Mobile's Xtand Go in black, and they've since released the white version. We got one in the mail, and figured we'd mention it here.

    The design of the white edition is the same as the last one, so reading our last review will give you our thoughts. We've got a giveaway for you though, so I'll refresh everyone's memories and get you some nice photos of the white version.

    In the box is the iPhone mount (works great with iPhone 4 or 4S), the “arm” – also seen above, the glass mount shown above (I prefer the iPhone to be mounted on the console of the car, some people like it on the windshield), some round double-sided adhesive for affixing the bottom of the “arm” seen above, and a few universal adapters for the “arm” which I will bring up now. In fact, the universal clips are one of my favorite things about this stand.

    The universal clips affix to the back of any case you may use for your device using a powerful adhesive which comes off clean (with a little work). With this universal clip (which is extremely thin for those worried about the added bulk), any device and any case will fit the stand as smoothly as if Just Mobile’s German engineering and design team were using your case when they made the Xtand Go.

    If you’re in the market for a car mount – pick this one up. I’ve tried quite a few, and this is my favorite. And you really can’t go wrong with Just Mobile’s products. The Xtand Go sells for $39.99, although Amazon currently has it on sale for just under $31. Of course, if you don’t want to pay that… just leave a comment in the review thread here, and we’ll pick a random member from the comments Thursday to send a free Xtand Go to.

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    Wow, I need one of these pretty bad right now.

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    This looks sleek! Looks like it's way better than other car mount products from the pictures shown above. I've tried a few car mount products and I'm not satisfied with the quality. They are either made with cheap plastic or they do not stay stable. By that I mean it's lagging when you're driving, making it's hard for you to touch and control the phone. I myself would like one of this to try out
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    I want one of these SO bad! A couple months ago when I got my 4S I was looking for something like this. I wanted a way to mount my phone on the windshield, but still have full access to both the headphone and iDock port. I use auxiliary input to listen to my music in the car, and like the idea of being able to charge if I'm using the GPS
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    With all the traveling that I do this would be a great asset in my vehicle!!!

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    Wow! Would be awesome!
    If i won it it'd mean:
    No more accidents for me

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    I'm down for a xtand. Can you comment on how nicely it plays with lifeproof cases if you have experience with that case? Are adhesives the only method for securing the device?

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    This would be nice to try with my Garmin app.

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    Very Nice. I need one of these for my daily 3 hour commute to/from work.

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    i only want 2 go...just mobile...

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    Thank you!

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    Be pretty cool to have for my trips this year!!

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    Looks good, good for trips!!!

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    Would it be in bad taste to use my military service as part of a bargaining ship for the giveaway? Yeah I didn't think so. Yes please!

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    Default Wow
    I would love one of these! great for my Bluetooth sound system and gps

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    Bingo Bango! This is great! I had a crappy version of something like this and it was terrible and only lasted a month. Thanks for the post and the giveaway!

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    That would go great with my new white 4s I got.

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    I think I just modmyunderwear over this. I love the white stuff!

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    It would look great with my white 4S with a white bumper, hope it fits well, plan on buying one even if I don't win!

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