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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Lap Pro - A Pillowish Lap Stand

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    My iPad 2 needs its own pillow....please

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    This may be better than the hard stands when you are using it while bracing with a leg or something. Count me in on the giveaway!

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    Honestly, I bought a chair specifically to make my iPad use more cozy, but it has yet to prove the most optimum pleasure. I think with the lap pro, it would complete my harmony. Would sure be happy if I won this.

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    nice pillow could use it as a sleeping pillow as well... ;P

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    So many facets of the Lap Pro were not mentioned in the article. If you go to Amazon and read the stats, the stand angles from 0 - 89 degrees. It says it's made for men with it's wide profile for a comfortable seated stance (good for the junk) but works with crossed legs or single too? (the ladies must love that) It even mentions table top use by just putting it on top of stuff.

    So it's a fully adjustable, malleable and contouring stand/tote/pillow? Sounds like it does everything. I'm buying one.

    BTW, I Googled "Lap Pro" and they have a website that leads to the amazon page:

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    So no more fighting with the couch pillows to prop up my iPad. Lovely.

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    The problem is that even if I win one, the wife will steal it away from me for her iPad.. but on the brighter side it would make a nice present for her..

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    Default Awesome idea!!!!
    I travel to visit family quite often and this is a great idea for carrying my iPad as well as napping on the plane. Also good for propping it up on my lap to watch a movie in flight!!!! I'd love to get my hands on one.

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    I hate when you gots your pad in the bed, and you try moving and it falls down all the time cause smart cover sucks in bedz.

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    It looks really helpful ! Certainly better than a dull and uncomfortable plastic stand! It looks quite big, comfortable, neat and, may I say, sexy ?!
    I'd love to own one.
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    No i can relax watching all my TV in my bed.

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    This looks really useful! I really like that idea

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    I found a new and comfortable holder for the iPad as well. It's called padRelax and it's like a pillow for the iPad and not only adapts to any surface but stands out by its seasonal fabrics collection. It looks really great with all the colorful designs and you can use it in the office, at home on your sofa or in your bed, as the padRelax cushion is made of flexible materials there are no boundaries for its use.

    To support this project, check out padRelax - iPad Stand -- IndieGoGo
    I think it's a great idea and I hope you'll back this project.

    Or find out more at iPad Halterung padRelax

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    In regards to the post above:


    *And it's tacky as hell to advertise a product you so obviously have a vested interest in someone else's spotlight.

    Thats real class...*
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    sorry i just want to give a good advice... and i still think that it's a great product

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