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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] MiCommand Universal iPhone Remote is Awesome

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    I love using the apple remote app, but like this article says, wifi can lag sometimes between the app and appleTV. MiCommand looks very promising.

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    I just added a Harmony Remote to the Christmas list that my wife has been begging me for (not one for lists) but I am having second thoughts now. Seems to have most of the same features and who knows the MACRO features could always be added via an update later.

    Pretty Cool. Now if my iphone could only control the A/C properly

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    I've been looking for the perfect remote, and you guys have just shown me the light! I'll take my chances with the giveaway, if not I'll look into buying it.

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    I nEvEr WiN aNyThInG bUt I fIguReD I WoUlD aT lEaSt TrY aNd Be CrEaTiVe!

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    Pretty cool. My question though is how it works in multiple rooms when TV sensors are usually line-of-site?
    Also, this also solves another of life's problems: there would be no more losing the remotes... unless you are prone to lose your phone a lot, but I don't since I always keep it on me.

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    This looks awesome. I'd love to have a single control for all the audio/video in my house!

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    Great write up. Thanx for the informative post. Could really use this to do away with a plethora of crappy remotes.

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    thats pretty dam sweet, have been looking in to picking up something like this, but if MMi want to send me one for free instead, I am not going to complain

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    Loved to have one. Looks like a great remote for the iphone.

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    Just got a new apartment, this would go amazing with my budding home theater system

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    Ironically enough, I'm redoing my Home Theater as we speak. Got most repainted today and carpet ordered.
    Upgraded my Projector to an Epson 3010 3D 1080P and a new Sony 3D capable 7.2 HT receiver. Screen is 108 in Diag.
    Id love to try this out as its 4 remotes now for me (DVD,DTV,PROJECTOR and RECIEVER)
    Harmony is probably my only hope if not.-photo-3.jpg-photo-2.jpg-photo-1.jpg

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    That's pretty sweet. I'd love to have one of these for my house. It would make that mess of remotes I have now finally go away.

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    Seems pretty cool, would be sweet to try

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    Wow.. This is really cool.. I'd love to win one of these.. Gonna probably get one anyways, but VERY cool product!

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    I really hope I win one of these. It would solve the biggest mystery in my household which is why all of the remotes are put back next to their bloody devices???!!! This means in order to use said device, I have to get up, walk over to it to pick the remote to sit back down to enjoy the function of control from my chair! It does my head in!!! So please allow me to be the master controller from the convenience of my pocket!!!

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    Look pretty awesome. I would love to have one. Already use Verizon and Apple remote. Would be nice to have everything in on app.

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    This thing is great. Would love to have one.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone rkisling's Avatar
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    Looks great; and a great replacement for my decades old wireless remote control to my medial closet ...

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    I think you should definitely pick ME for the simple reason that this has been my million dollar idea for years now!!

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    I need one. My old Philips pronto has gasp its last breath. I've been toying with the idea of using Girder and an IR blaster for a while. The best would be something with ir and rf to control everything. Tomorrow Pinky I'm going to use my remote to take over the world!

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