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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] MiCommand Universal iPhone Remote is Awesome

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    This looks great. Please put my name in for the giveawayThanks

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    **********Please pick me, I had a 2g iPhone then I tried android, now Im back for good. This would be so cool to win this for my new iPhone and home*******

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    122 comments already? Can you close the thread so at least my chances won't get any worse?

    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    I wanna win! Looks neat, and it helps that I'm getting iPhone 4 for Christmas to replace my iPhone 3G (not even 3GS, a 3G..)

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    It looks very promising. Will this work with the PS3?

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    This would be a godsend for me and my coffee table of 7 remotes (Receiver, Apple TV, TV, Cable Box, TVIX, Blu-Ray & PS3)

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    I think this would make an ideal replacement for my Harmony i1100the i1100 whilst having a touch screen and configurable buttons etc is uncomfortable to use, an iPhone sized controller would be way better to use. The are numerous irrating bugs with the i1100 that could be addressed by Logitech but sadly there are no updates. I think an iOS platform may be a bettwerr way to go that logitech's clunky (whatever it is) they use on the PLEASE send me one. THANK YOU!!!!

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    Putting this on my Christmas "wish list"

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    I come to Modmyi multiple times a day, but I've never thought about signing up until now. I signed up just to see if I can win this thing. I've never won anything, but this would be really cool to win and be a big benefit to my girlfriend who is 5 months pregnant and juggling 3 remotes. We both have iPhones and iPods, so pick us! btw I just found out yesterday I'm having a girl! Hopefully she is as beautiful as her mom inside and out. Cheers Modmyi!

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    i want one too

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    Been looking into buying one would be great to get one.

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    I have to try

    i think i should win twice, just sayin ya know cuz im awesomme
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    that is pretty cool, i just got an mi remote yesterday and i don't like the delay.

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    I have a Logitech Harmony - I'm very happy with it. But having a more customizable interface would be cool. I hope I can get this...

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    Good write up! Sounds like you need their proprietary hardware to get this whole setup to work huh?I've got a global cache IR blaster already...looking for good apps to control it with.The thing that's missing in this app is it's ability to control other IR controllable units like AC, lighting, automatic blinds, etc...I'm looking to setup a world where my phone can control everything in my house from TV/media to my blinds (which are driven by IR as well).Wondering if these guys have plans to integrate different components into their framework...I would

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    This would be an awesome Christmas present, for me!

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    Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. I want this like I want a hot bowl of steaming Angelina Jolie (Still )

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    wow. ok this product is one of the best things i ve ever seen for an iphone

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