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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] SGP Cases Linear Color Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

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    I just fell in love with this iPhone 4 case from SGP, the black one (Smooth Black), and I would be glad to partecipate to this contest! It looks really well done and it seems to fit the iPhone 4 amazingly! Can't wait to know who'll be the winner! By the way, I just hitted the "Like" button on your FB page, and now I'm fan of ModMyi on Facebook. Thanks guys!

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    I really want the black SGB case. It looks really sleek and I think it would go good with my iPhone 4. Since I work as an auto mechanic, things get hit, dropped, whacked, and damaged. My iPhone is usually in my pocket at all times. In the past one of my iPhone 4's shattered because a tool my fellow worker was using flung into my leg and smashed the back of the iPhone 4 (glass). This case could provide me with some extra protection which would help a lot in a situation like mine. I really like the looks of it as well so it would be a win/win for me!

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    I have the white iphone4 and i like the way the white and black look together. So i would prob go for a white/black combo.

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    That black case sure is hot. I have used many different cases for my iPhone and SGP have largly remained my favorites. Nothing it too good for my baby

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    Very safe case .... SGP makes the best cases and bumpers! I like it also for simplicity! :-) Black!

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    Theses cases are definitely the Bomb...Black or White would be such a delight! SGB cases are sleek and unique whilst keep your iphone protected out on the street.!!

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    These are outstanding cases!!!

    I hope I win one of the black ones for my iPhone 4.

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    Well although I've never had one of these cases I did try some out when I went to pick up my case, I really liked them and how cool they were, they all fit well and seemed to offer great protection. Unfortunately my budget at the time didnt cover them, so I had to go for a simpler case. I'd love to get one of these now though, my case definitely needs a replacement soon (few drops but it took them not the phone) I'd prefer the black or silver one, but if I had to choose I'd have a hard time.. I'd have to say black though, unless the other one isn't silver and is grey (in that case id prefer translucent grey)

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    That's a sweet looking case. Sign me up for one.

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    I would totally love to win The Champagne Gold one, these cases just looks beautiful, any of those cases using it with or with out the back side would make my iphone 4 look extremely sexy

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    I've been looking for a case worthy of my iPhone 4 for quite some time and these definately impress me. A slim tight fitting case with the protection it should provide? What more could you ask for?! I love how it's My favourite part would be the 3 piece design. I would like ot get my hands on the white or silver case.

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    I used to have a two-tone case for my 3gs. I received many compliments for its unique look. SGP's ability for a three-tone case would surely be a hit. I would like the smooth black case please!

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    It does look like a good case and the color variation are awesome! I hope is doesn't open up if the phone is drop... That would defeat the purpose of it! Send it to me for a another review lol
    I would like to have the back one if possible.
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    Super cool case!

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    the smooth black looks great, and yes their screen protectors are very nice.. pick me!!

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    would love one for my brand spankin new iPhone.. preferably black. would be a nice little birthday gift to me

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    wow, these cases look amazing. would love to add a black one to my iphone 4. I am sick of these horrible cases i keep picking up in the store that i end up needing to replace after a short amount of use. Hopefully the SGP case will be the answer to my problems

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    The Gunmetal looks really nice. SGP has always made top-notch products and their cases do not disappoint. Very classy, stylish, and functional.

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    I want to make sweet loveeeeee to all of them..

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    Perfect!! I have been looking for a good/quality case that opens at the bottom for my dock. Black please.Thank You SGP!!

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