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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] SGP Cases Linear Color Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

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    oOOoo! I want the champagne gold one! These are sweet, there's a lot more colors to choose from than the incase sliders! I've always used their screen protectors!

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    I'm digging that gold one. To me, this case seems like a mich better alternative than the standard two-piece slider cases because the back piece on this particular case seems to have a felt material lining. Also, since it is a three piece case, any type of shock from a drop will result in a much less chance of having the case fall apart. There is more room for the case to flex, unlike the Incase Slider, which usually cracks/chips and falls apart within the first few drops. All in all, it's very stylish. It will protect an iPhone properly. And that is why I would like to win one.

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    SGP cases look really nice and sleek. In the pictures of the white case and iPhone 4 It almost is hard to tell that there is even a case on

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    the black one looks amazing!.... very clean and professional looking cases

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    The black colour cover truly fits the beauty of what the iPhone really is. The iPhone is already so beautiful, with this cover, it makes it more beautiful. It is really an eye opener when bringing this out with the amazing iPhone in your hands.Really like the cover!

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    I have a SGP case and always have! I love their slim designs that allow the phone's own beauty to shine through. I picked an SGP Neo case and had that on my i4 and now my i4s. It's seen better days though and I could certainly use the new case! If I am selected please send the Black case or as a second choice the silver case. If i'm picked and the gold case is left, please give it to someone else (they might use that color, but i won't :P ) Thank you SGP for another great looking case!

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    I may or may not work at an Apple Retail. I may or may not have huge amount of influence on the accessories that customers select. If any of those things were true then I'm sure there would be a lot of exposure for that super slick-looking champagne gold SGP case on my iPhone.

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    WOw, what sexy cases!! White, Gunmetal, Black... any one of those would be awesome!

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    I like the black case. I have been looking for a well made case with a snap off bottom. SGP looks like they make some quality gear.

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    Ill go with the slightly grey looking one...its the left most on the picture! PICK ME!!!

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    i would love one in white, the design of these cases look great, very minimalistic yet seem to look very sturdy and protective!

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    Back from my modding hiatus, and looking forward to playing around with my iPhone. I am currently using the Speck Candyshell and have found it to be a little bulky. It makes the phone significant wider. If I were to go back, I think I would get more of a bumber case like the black or gunmetal SGP case.

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    wow, that is a nice case. thanks to this article I have another case brand added to the wishlist. I would love a white one.

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    First time I will try the SGP after little exp with others that one looks perffect to me , good price and i will love to win one of the Dante Red. THX

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    i would love the black one. sgp makes really good cases and bumpers and comparing them to others the quality feels more premium

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    By far the best looking case I've seen yet!!! Love the color way options and the way it offers soooo much protection without adding a crazy amount of bulk. Crazy I haven't seen these cases before because I'd definitely have one on my 4 but hopefully I'll get lucky and win one haha. I'm diggin the black one te most. Keeps it simple and sexy.

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    Awsome looking cases. the black one is sick the white one would go nice with my same color 4s

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    I want the champagne gold one cause it looks amazing and i haven't found any case that looks as cool as this one. I have been doing some searching and the SGP cases seems to be the best IMO. Pls give me the gold champagne one!!

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    Great products from SGP. Just got the limited Neo Hybrid with the carbon back and a carbon skin for my MBP. Love them both. Have had more compliments on my phone in the week I've been using this case than ever before.

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    Pure White please!! I work at a smartphone and tablet accessories store. I'd love to be able to promote these bad Larrys. In 4 1 white!

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