I’ve got a red iPhone 4 at the moment. The guys over at iHospital here in Tampa (opening a store in Atlanta the beginning of February!) did the casing swap for me in about 30 minutes. The casing looks clean – you can actually buy these off eBay and do it yourself if you know a good source and are a pro at yanking apart your phone and putting it back together… course if you’d rather not mess with a few hundred bucks of iPhone – iHospital has a “send us your phone” program where they’ll have it done and back to you quick.

Ross, the owner of iHospital, is a frequent contributor to our hardware forums, and has used that knowledge to push his company to fast growth. They’re based out of Tampa, with a bunch of new stores slated to open this year.

The iPhone 4 colored casing replacements they have include 4 colors – red, white, blue, and pink. They charge $229 for a full casing replacement and $99 for the back only. The quality of the casing is great – cuts and shape are perfect and indistinguishable from the stock casing. I’ve had multiple comments asking me if my iPhone was a special (RED) product from the popular product line (Apple supports that as well with their iPod Nano).

The side red you see in these pictures is NOT from the casing swap – it’s just a red vinyl decal from Etsy (like these). Couple things to be aware of with this – the home button is NOT swapped, so it’s still black. With the red this looks nice, but some people prefer an all out color change – this isn’t that. Pricing is actually not bad – ColorWare charges over $250 just for the frame and back. They won’t even touch the front. iHospital unfortunately doesn’t do the frame – so the silver exterior is what you stay with.

I did notice the glass isn’t as fingerprint resistant as Apple’s glass. A screen protector is a good idea, although I’m not rockin one currently and it’s alright. Definitely more fingerprints though. All in all though it’s a nice mod (and not bad at all for $99 back only) which is eye catching. You can email iHospital for some color choices – there are currently no pictures of the casing swaps on their website.

No giveaway on this one – check out iHospital if you’re interested!