Recently the folks behind the iPhone app ClearCam dropped us an email with some promo codes and asked if we’d like to check things out. If you remember way back in early 2009 ClearCam used to be a jailbreak app that you could purchase to take enhanced high resolution photos using your iPhone. Unfortunately Occipital never got around to taking it much further because they got busy with some other impressive projects. Josh Patterick, founder of Two Teeth Technologies saw an opportunity with the old neglected ClearCam and partnered up with Occipital in order to spruce it up and bring it to the AppStore in May 2010. With my iPhone 4 being used for photos more and more lately I decided to give the app a shot. Since then I’ve ditched using the iPhone’s standard Camera app for ClearCam.

ClearCam comes with two basic modes: “Quick” and “Enhanced.” Quick mode is my favorite mode of the two. Basically what quick mode does is it takes a quick series of photos, determines which one is the clearest, and saves it. I have been doing the same thing manually when taking photos, taking 3 or 4 and then looking at them all, deciding which one is the best, and then deleting the rest. Having ClearCam do the same thing except much quicker is a convenient way to pick up the best shot when your hand was the most steady, etc. (yet the two photos below are both crappy, I was moving quite a bit to illustrate that it identifies the best of the pictures (4) from the worst (2))

Enhanced mode does a bit more than anything you