Twelve South makes useful stuff for Mac-heads. We’ve previously looked at their BookArc (both for MacBook / MacBook Pro and for iPad) and liked the smooth styling and simple function. The BackPack is a simple shelf which attaches to the back of your Cinema Display monitor or iMac, and it’s just as clean and functional as their other products.

The Mac style centers around elimination – what do we not need, what can we combine into something else, what can we simplify. Apple keeps removing buttons from the mouse, and now is trying to remove the mouse completely. Unibody laptops are fashioned from a single piece of aluminum. Cinema Displays have a single piece as the base, which curves up to attach to the monitor itself. iMacs are an elimination of the tower. Twelve South works from this same basic principle in their designs. The BookArc, which I still use to hold my iPad, is a single piece of heavy gauged steel. The BackPack, which we’re looking at now, also is of the elimination mindset – this time for desktop clutter.

I actually like a bit of desktop clutter – the things I want to see or use very often I keep right in front of me. iPhone, mug, some random papers I need to finish ASAP, that sort of thing. A couple KidRobot toys which give me the illusion I have some sort of quirkiness to my workspace. Then there’s the annoying things I need which don’t need to be in sight but are – USB hub where I plug in my iPhone cables, couple extra phones (apparently REALLY dirty ones judging by that Droid below), etc. Some people have an external hard drive sitting on their desk (I keep mine in my desk). Those are great for the BackPack.

The BackPack attaches to your Cinema Display or iMac (sure, it supports the latest models, don’t worry) with two little screw-clamps (various ones are included to fit each type of monitor the support – see their website for a list). They’ve got rubber insets so they don’t scratch your metal. Once tightened, the design ensures gravity will not let them move lower. They’re height adjustable, too, so you can put a couple on if you’d like. You can put an external drive on the bottom and random excess on top, etc. It’s even ventilated (holes across the bottom) so your drive won’t overheat. It’s a nice place to store things without gumming up your desk with junk.

The BackPack simplifies your REAL desktop. It’s almost like it should have been included as an optional attachment when I bought my Cinema Displays, it fits the look and function so well. I like stuff like that – add some functionality, but don’t try to scream “look at me.” You can pick these up for $29.99 on the Twelve South website, or as always we’ve got one to give away – just comment on this review and we’ll pick a winner on Friday.