Everyone is in to this carbon fiber look; I see it everywhere. iCarbons.com has decided the best place to put carbon fiber is on every Apple device you own.

iCarbons.com uses 3M Di-Noc vinyl custom-cut to fit various Apple devices – a solid range of them. The protective material adheres well to the devices, and comes off without any residue (I left mine on my iPhone a week before removing to test for residue). The iCarbons.com guys stress that this is is NOT a printed pattern, but in fact a TRUE 3-dimensional pattern that looks just like dry carbon fiber.

The material protects pretty well – it’s thin enough not to add any noticeable bulk to your device (my iPhone 4 case fit right over it without any difference in “snugness” when I tried) but durable enough to handle scratches and such without hurting the device. For those of you who don’t like using a case on your iDevice, this is a great way to keep your finish protected without adding bulk to your device.

The devices they offer iCarbons for include all iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch models, as well as various Macbooks and the iPod Nano. They will be supporting more devices soon, like the older Powerbooks and iBooks. They’ve even got a white iPhone 4 set, which may be nice for some of you who wanted the white iPhone 4 but realized no one has a clue if it will ever appear.

I particularly like being able to grab these for the Macbook Pro models (they also do the current unibody Macbook, with support for the white Macbook and the Macbook Air coming soon). When I first bought my 17″ Macbook Pro, less than 3 days after I was on a plane when the 6 year old in front of me decided to recline her seat back all the way as fast as she could. The tray on my side had some metal piece which perfectly scratched all the way across my laptop’s outer shell (where the Apple logo is), leaving a nice long gouge. It’s still there, 3 years later. An iCarbon would have skipped that tragedy.

They’re easy to install – peel the decal off the backing paper, and align onto your device. I like the method of placing the top onto my device, while the rest of the decal is still on the backing paper, then slowly roll the paper off as the decal places onto the device. Check the cutouts before placing to make sure you’ve got it lined up well (camera/logo cutout for phones). The iCarbons go on clean and without bubbles – none of that “wait up to 3 days for air to dissipate” with these.

Of course it wouldn’t be a ModMyi.com review without a nice giveaway, so here’s our lineup of product Bruce and Josh over at iCarbons.com sent to give away to some commenters:

  • Three iPhone 4 Combo packs (front and back) – one of these will also get the bumpers decal.
  • Macbook Pro 15″ combo (outer shell and keyboard area)
  • iPad combo (front and back)
Leave a comment on what you like about these iCarbons, and we’ll pick 5 winners on Wednesday to send some iCarbons.