Okay so there are times when you'll run around with your naked iPad hanging out, baring it in all it's wonderful sexiness. But most times you're gonna want to keep that thing clothed to protect it from drops and spills – and that means a case.

Today we're taking a look at one of the more 'respectable' offerings, the Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad retailing at a swift $59.99.

This Jacket is thick!

If cases are like clothes for your iPad, then the leather folio type is your business suit. Great for around the office, at meetings, even kicked back on the sofa. I didn't originally set out to buy the 'business suit' – but it was the only option available that day at the local Apple Store except for a rainbow of silicone stretchy cases that seemed more like… well, spandex bicycle shorts. So I grabbed the Convertible Book Jacket as a quick temporary solution until I found something else. Turns out, I really liked it a lot.

Much like that business suit, the Incase is very functional and practical while sacrificing a little bit of 'comfort' which is lost in it's thickness. At about an inch and a half thick, it turns your sleek, magical tablet into a leather-bound book around 3