I've been looking for a good iPad case since I picked up my iPad day 1. I tried the one from InCase, and the Apple one as well, but didn't like either. The thing is, the iPad is so nice to hold on it's own, I wanted something I could use to protect it while running around, but easily get the iPad out of when I wanted to use it. I needed a good iPad bag.

Someone on Twitter posted a link to an Etsy item, which I promptly ordered one of and got it a few days ago. And I like it so much, I figured I'd post up a review for you guys to check it out, too. I know you're all iPadful (or maybe it's on its way on the 30th 3G baby!) and I'm sure some of you are still trying to find a good way to carry your iPad around. The Eco iPad Wrap from WrapCycle is 100% hand-made, using upcycled and repurposed fabrics. It's a bright red over gold color combination, custom-made by one person from start to finish.

WrapCycle is a family-run company based out of Atlanta, GA. They proudly say "all WrapCycle products are made from recycled/upcycled/repurposed fabrics from recycling centers, thrift stores, donations, yard sales, and other sources of used and discarded materials", and "every WrapCycle item is handmade by one person from beginning to end — bags and sleeves are even signed by the person who made it! Because of this, and due to our use of recycled materials, you will never see another Wrap or case exactly like yours." Pretty cool folks.