Ok, apparently some people are really into carbon fiber. I'm totally aware that it looks cool and is strong. I'm also aware just shy of $60 is a little pricey for a standard iPhone case. But hey, maybe you're into that.

The Genuine Carbon Fiber case from Inno Pocket puts your race car in your pocket, and according to Inno Pocket, even "attracts attention from all direction [sic] to you." Ha. It's actually a nicely put together case, wraps well, and provides all the right cutouts to let you get to the necessary buttons and jacks on the iPhone 3G / 3G[S]. I wore it for a few days, and found it holds to the phone better than most cases I've had – a couple minor drops to test, and the thing stayed on like rain stays on an April day in Seattle. Many of my other cases simply pop off the phone when dropped – getting the job done, but annoying.

I do wish the cutout in the back which shows the Apple logo was either a tad wider, or a bit lower – seems like the bottom of the logo is too close to the edge of the cutout, although it's a nice touch. I didn't notice any issues with the logo area of the iPhone being any worse the wear when I stopped using the case, but I suppose that's also a possibility if you used it a while – the logo isn't protected by this case.

The case is extremely durable – bend it, drop it, scratch it… it stays looking good. Aside from the high price tag it's a great shield for your iPhone. And you don't ALL have to worry about the price – I've got one right here to give away. Leave a comment about the case, and we'll pick a lucky reader Wednesday and send you the case.

Inno Pocket was founded in 1999, and they design and manufacture a complete line of custom cases for laptops, PDAs, smartphones, and pretty much any gadget you can think of.