I sit at a computer for hours every day. And my iPhone or iPod Touch is always sitting right next to me, half the time while I'm working on Cydia packages, half the time just laying on the desk. I've used the Apple docks, and a few third party docks, and they're decent but they don't compare to the Xtand!

Xtand is an all-aluminum iPhone/iPod Touch stand which matches the Mac feel perfectly. In fact, it looks almost exactly like a miniature Cinema Display base, except instead of a monitor at the top, I've got my iPod Touch.

The material is solid aluminum, brushed to match your Mac products. The holder where you set the device has rubberized corner "bumpers" which both hold the device in place and make sure it's not getting scratched at all from sitting in the stand. The holder also swivels 360 degrees so you can use your device vertically or horizontally (play a movie? sure, why not this would be great on an airplane too, actually). There's a knob on the back which you turn to loosen the holder to swivel it. A hole in the vertical part of the base let's you run your iPhone cable through it to manage desk clutter as well.

Since the device is solid aluminum, there's no way to change the angle it sits at, but I found it was a perfect angle for both watching videos or using the device. It is weighty enough to not move when you are tapping and swiping on the iPhone, although when you press the home button you use a bit more pressure so you'll need to hold the stand so it doesn't slide around.

This thing beats out all the other stands I've used so far. It looks great on my desk, matches all my equipment, and is functionally efficient. The ability to swivel the screen is much appreciated, and it's an all around durable and well-made item. Just Mobile is the manufacturer, and they've done a good job here. They've been around since 2005 making accessories, and are based out of Taiwan.

You can find the Xtand at quite a few places, and it retails for $39.95. Amazon's got it at $31 right now. But you know how we do reviews we've got one to give away as well. Just comment on this review with your thoughts on the Xtand, and Friday morning I"ll pick a winner at random (U.S. only, please shipping is a bear internationally!) to get a free Xtand sent to your door.